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  • My Life My Faith 1 – (Greek/Hebrew)


    Chapter 1 Thinking A Mute Baby Was Born
    1. My Parents Taught Me Goodness And Righteousness
    2. My Adolescence
    3. My Marriage And My Fate
    4. My Wife Was In A State Of Despair

    Chapter 2 God Is Really Alive!
    1. When The Last Petal Falls, My Life Will Also Fall
    2. Is Everybody Here Crazy?
    3. “I Can Hear! I Can Hear!”
    4. Divorce And Return Of My Wife

    Chapter 3 My Calling
    1. Beginning Of An Earnest Christian Life
    2. God Guided Me To A Lowly Position
    3. How Can I Live By God’s Word?
    4. My Only Wish
    5. Being Trained To Discern The Voice Of The Holy Spirit

    Chapter 4 God’s Calling
    1. “Lord, How Can You Choose A Person Like Me?”
    2. God Lets Us Reap What We Sow
    3. Fasting So Much By Spirit’s Inspiration
    4. Way To Offer Fasting Prayer
    5. God’s Hands Preparing The Opening Of Church

    Chapter 5 Beginning Of Church
    1. Preparing In The Word Of God For Three Years
    2. With Seven Dollars
    3. Receiving The Answer To Church Opening
    4. Starting From Nothing
    5. “Unless You People See Signs And Wonders, You Simply Will Not Believe”
    6. When I Commanded In The Name Of Jesus Christ
    7. Were There Not Ten Cleansed? But The Nine Where Are They?
    8. Receiving The Explanations On Difficult Passages And The ‘Message Of The Cross’
    9. The Lord Worked With Us
    10.Holy Spirit’s Inspiration Telling Future Things
    11.Unless He Reveals His Secret Counsel To His Servants The Prophets

    Chapter 6 Growth Of The Church And Tests
    1. Deprivation Of The Right To Speak And The Broken Gavel
    2. Leading Revival Meetings Throughout The Country
    3. Moving To A New Sanctuary Through Faith
    4. Commemoration Service For New Sanctuary And Continued Disturbances
    5. Heresy According To The Bible
    6. Test Of Bleeding To Death
    7. Though I Warned Of Time-limited Eschatology

    Chapter 7 God Broadened The Boundary Of The Ministry
    1. The Door To World Evangelism Opened
    2. Faith Is The Assurance Of Things Hoped For
    3. Cooperating In Ministries Of Church Associations
    4. What Is The Secret Of Church Growth?
    5. Domestic And Overseas Missions In Full Scale
    6. L. A. 1995

    Additional Info
    “Surprised, my wife looked my body over completely, and she also had to believe that God had healed me. She was so happy and hugged me, and began to weep loudly. We wept for a long time.”

    Because Dr. Lee himself suffered from so many kinds of diseases, he understands the pain of those who are sick. Because he himself was despised and mocked, he understands the heart of those who are heartbroken. Because he experienced severe poverty, he understands the heart of those who are suffering from the heavy load of poverty. That is why thousands of his church members gather around him just to see him face to face.

    Dr. Lee’s life is one of the most dramatic cases in which one’s life can change so much before and after knowing God. His life shows us how a life of complete obedience to God and complete devotion can bear so much fruit spiritually and materially.

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