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  • Ein Christlicher Leitfaden Zur – (Other Language)


    A T2Pneuma Publishers LLC Title

    Spiritualitat ist gelebter Glaube ob im Gebet, in der Andacht, oder in der Begegnung mit unseren Mitmenschen. Dabei verleiht unser Glaube unserer Spiritualitat eine Struktur, ahnlich wie die Knochen der Haut, die sich uber sie erstreckt, eine Struktur geben.

    Christliche Spiritualitat beginnt bei Gott, nicht bei uns.

    Die folgenden Seiten beleuchten die christliche Spiritualitat im Kontext von taglichen Andachten. Zu jedem Thema gibt es biblische Textstellen, Reflexion, Gebet, und Diskussionsfragen. Wo es angebracht ist, werden Hinweise fur weitere Studien angeboten. Die ersten vier Kapitel (Einfuhrung, das Apostolische Glaubensbekenntnis, das Vaterunser, und die Zehn Gebote) umfassen vierzig Tage und eignen sich daher zum Studium wahrend der Fastenzeit.

    Die gesamte Studie umfasst funfzig Tage, und kann an Ostern begonnen und bis Pfingsten fortgefuhrt werden.

    Hore die Worte; gehe die Schritte; erlebe die Freude!

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  • 1st Down Devotions 2 – (Other Language)


    Kick-Off the 2021 Football Season With This Inspirational Read

    Responding to fans everywhere, First Down Devotions II continues providing readers an inside look at popular National Football League players, coaches, and the people who shape them. Exploring successes both on and off the gridiron, these daily devotions recount the personal stories about these superstar athletes and their personal walk with Jesus Christ. Providing positive stories to share with friends, children, Little League teams, and fellow sports fans, these unique interview-based devotions will let these players inspire you to push to the goal line and score in your own spiritual life.

    First Down Devotions II has devotions with:
    – Ben Utecht: Super Bowl Champion Tight End with the Indianapolis Colts
    – Clinton McDonald: Defensive End for the Oakland Raiders
    – Kurt Warner: Hall of Fame Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals
    – Tim Tebow: Quarterback for the New York Jets and Denver Broncos
    – and many, many more!

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  • Give God The Glory Let Your Light So Shine – (Other Language)


    Light (phos) means -to give light.- It is that which enables us to see (able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong). It is the intellectual, moral, and spiritual element by which we may see (Matthew 6:23). Jesus Christ is the light of the world (John 1:9) and the ‘children of light’ is a term for true disciple (Luke 16:8 and Ephesians 1:8). God is the source of this light as the sun is the other.

    Through our light, we make God visible to all men and demonstrate that His love transcends all that is wrong with this world. Light defines the very essence of the children of God. It is a word that is used throughout The Holy Bible 264 times! It is characterized as an element that: Illuminates, Shines, Exposes and expels darkness, Projects and extends brightness, Causes one to see, Radiates, and Reveals. Light is described as an element that represents: -Radiance (Matthew 7:12) -Spiritual awareness and right living (1 John 1:7) -A characteristic of God (Psalm 27:1) -The opposite of darkness (Genesis 1:3-4) -Illuminates (Matthew 6:22) -Leads the way (Micah 7:8), and -The Glory of God (1 Timothy 6:16). The biblical message, biblical preaching, and biblical teaching in this devotional/gift book come from Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures. Matthew 5:13-16 serves as biblical study and, in essence, the biblical thought for the day relative to the significance of the word -light.- Discover the purpose drive life and rediscovering the kingdom of God are keys to this best-selling devotional and gift book.

    Now in its third printing, and selling strong, this devotional and gift book, serves as a companion to book 2: Called to be Light in the Workplace.

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  • Give God The Glory Your Role In Your Family – (Other Language)


    The Give God the Glory! series of books and devotionals continues with book #5. A companion gift book and devotional to book #4 in the series.

    The Godly Family Life, Your Role in Your Family offers greater detail on the Biblical significance of the family as God intended in the beginning. The Godly Family Life provided a detailed analysis of what the Bible teaches and instructs concerning the roles of the father, mother and children despite man’s intention to alter God’s plan for the family. While continuing in the tradition of the Give God the Glory! books and devotionals, it offers a unique focus on the biblical purpose and role of the father, mother, and child(ren). In this gift and devotional book, Your Role in Your Family will help its readers to clearly understand that the man is the foundation of the family, the family is the foundation of the church, and the church is the foundation of our nation. We will glorify God through the family unit and understand our specific roles within the family structure as God intended. To this end, our Heavenly Father is glorified as we, His earthen vessels, demonstrate to the world the beauty and fulfillment of The Godly Family Life. ‘Family’ is referenced 123 times in The Holy Bible.
    To this end, the 56-page devotional will enlighten its readers through these five chapters: 1. The role and purpose of the Godly Family 2. The role and purpose of man 3. The role and purpose of woman 4. The role and purpose of children 5. God’s plan for His family. When purchasing in a Christian bookstore or through a plethora of Christian bookstores, Your Role in Your Family, a gift/devotional book, will be a blessing in your life. Good Christian books are foundational to our overall growth and development and add value to our lives. To find Christian books, or those who sell Christian books, these Godly items make an excellent gift for your loved one’s who are in pursuit of God. The grace of God is sufficient at all times and we are safe in the arms of God. It is also an excellent gift, intended to replace the standard greeting card, for family and friends that desire to read a shorter version of The Godly Family Life.

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  • Siku Arobaini – 40 Kujisalimis – (Other Language)


    Good Success Publishing
    Swahili language
    Do you sense God calling you to a new season, but fearful of releasing your plan? Dr. Celeste personally understands the challenges associated with releasing control. Incidentally, the Surrender Fast was birthed from her desire to do and be something new in God. The 40-Day Surrender Fast is not only a devotional, but a life changing journey of self-examination and reflection to seek out the voice of God concerning your life, purpose, and destiny.

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