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Character Development

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  • His Grace Is Enough


    With simple words, engaging illustrations and robust board-book format, this charming rhyming book is ideal for toddlers.

    This board book provides a shorter version of Melissa Kruger’s His Grace Is Enough, helping young children to explore the unique and wonderful Christian message of God’s grace: that Jesus offers forgiveness and allows us to move on from our mistakes.

    It can be used to share the heart of the Christian faith with young children or to remind them that Jesus is the person to run to when they mess up.

    Isobel Lundie’s vibrant illustrations provide plenty to look at and engage with on every page.

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  • Sometimes Shy


    Sometimes Shy by Julie Bliven and illustrator, Dang Khoa Tran, this book takes a look at shyness, recognizing that being shy is not a bad trait, and in some situations, we might not be shy at all!

    The boy in this story notices that some objects around seem to have shyness traits_a seedling that is slow to sprout, a marker timid to let its color out. When the boy is walking home from school with his brother, he doesn’t feel shy at all. Just like the ocean tide, sometimes we’re shy, and sometimes we are big and booming like the crash of ocean waves.

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  • This Seats Saved


    Class schedules, locker combinations, and the play for popularity — Middle School is a new world with new rules.

    At the start of 7th grade, Elita Brown’s friends enjoy their seats at the popular lunchroom table. Meanwhile, Elita hides in the bathroom. This is not how she envisioned Middle School. And her omission from the popular table is only the beginning of her problems. What will she do when she’s terrorized by the meanest girl in school and accused of a crime she didn’t commit? Elita befriends an older couple living in the woods and gains confidence through her project on the red fox. Will Elita find her way and take her seat at the best table? Full of suspense and divine moments, readers will be captivated by this story.

    Parents and teachers who loved Seated with Christ can invite their middle school reader to This Seat’s Saved. With great discussion questions and a main character who learns to read her Bible, trust God for the first time, and understand what it means to be seated with Christ from Ephesians 2:6, This Seat’s Saved will help young readers on their journey with Jesus.

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  • Cat And Bug Its Naptime


    Cat tries to nap, but Bug is making too much noise in this board book with bold illustrations and simple text for beginning readers.

    In this story in the Cat and Bug series of full-color board books about Cat and his oblivious friend Bug, Cat is trying to take a nap. Bug decides to take a nap, too, but Bug’s preparations for naptime are keeping Cat awake. Bug may have a lot to learn but his friend Cat loves him anyway. This amusing beginner book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will show the readers how to prepare for naptime and the importance of patience. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • Love Letter From God


    Introduce little ones to the boundless, unconditional love of God with this sweet board book written just for them.

    In this comforting title by P. K. Hallinan, the author supposes what God might say in a personal letter written to a child. Rhyming verse reveals the beautiful and unlimited nature of God’s love as he celebrates children’s God-given identities, promises to be with them no matter what, and encourages them to look for signs of his love in the world around them. Vibrantly illustrated and delightfully personal, this story is a great way to share God’s love with the little one in your life.

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  • 10 Commandments For Children


    If you love me, keep my commandments.

    The Ten Commandments for Children teaches children…

    *what God’s law is: his ten words to his people.
    *how we obey God’s law: by loving him and our neighbor.
    *why we keep God’s law: to thank him for delivering us from our sin, to be assured that he has made us his children, and more.

    When we teach our children about God’s law, we are teaching them about Jesus Christ.

    Jesus obeyed perfectly each one of the commandments in God’s law, and he died on the cross to save us from all the times we have not kept God’s law. This book will teach your children about how thankful we are for this deliverance and about the way we show our thanks-by loving both God and our neighbor, by keeping God’s law. Children will also be encouraged to look forward to heaven, where we will finally keep God’s law perfectly without any more sin.

    This book explains and applies each commandment of God’s law in two to three chapters, covering both what God forbids and what he requires in each commandment. Chapters include discussion questions, a Bible memory verse, and a related psalm to be sung.

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  • Happy : Psalm 92


    Inspired by Psalm 92, Happy’s lyrical text celebrates all that God gives his children and the joy found in giving him gratitude. From the author of the bestselling The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones, and the award-winning illustrator Jago, comes an uplifting board book that encourages even the smallest believer to share in God’s great love for them.

    All through the day I give my happy songs to you. Happy reminds children to be grateful to God for his many gifts and his Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

    Happy is perfect for babies and infants ages 0-4 and features:

    *lyrical text inspired by Psalm 92
    *a joyful message that God gives us great gifts for which we can be eternally grateful
    *a padded cover that is a perfect fit for little hands
    *beautiful, colorful illustrations that area great gift for a new baby, First Communion, or birthday

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  • Count Yourself Calm


    This beautifully illustrated and empathetically written book walks children through a calming activity that focuses their attention on God and helps them manage their emotions.

    Through a combination of slow breathing, prayer and focusing on five things about God and his good gifts, children will learn to count themselves calm. Children can practise this calming activity while you read them the book and then use it when they feel upset, sad, angry, worried, anxious or scared.

    This resource is a great tool to equip children 4-7 years old to regulate their emotions and calm down.

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  • Dominos Tree House


    Join one boy’s quest to build the ultimate tree house in this imaginative picture book about the good things we might be missing in our never-ending pursuit of “better.”

    Domino’s backyard isn’t enough for him, so he builds a tree house. When the tree house isn’t quite enough, he builds a tree cottage, then a tree mansion, and on and on, pursuing something “more”–something that he can’t put his finger on and can’t quite reach. In a series of escalating feats of tree-house engineering, Domino builds and builds, until he finds himself alone on the moon, still not satisfied.

    Gorgeous illustrations of a gravity-defying tree house will capture little ones’ imaginations, while the satisfying conclusion will remind young readers that wanting more might cause us to miss the sweetness of what we already possess.

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  • God Right Here


    God, right here.

    God, right there.

    God’s handiwork is everywhere.

    Yellow daffodils, flying seagulls, bright orange pumpkins, and swirling snowflakes–God’s handiwork can be found all throughout nature, and every season is full of beauty and wonder. Everywhere we look, no matter the time of year, the wonders of creation remind us that God is always with us, always right here.

    Written by Kara Lawler and beautifully illustrated by Jennie Poh, this celebration of God’s creation and the changing seasons can be enjoyed by children and the adults who read with them. Also included is a note from the author to encourage further conversation about the content.

    Discover IVP Kids and share with children the things that matter to God!

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  • 1 Small Thing


    After Raccoon’s home burns down in a lightning storm, his friends don’t know what they can do to help. Squirrel, Beaver, Mouse, Badger, and Rabbit all go back to their own homes, trying to focus on something other than Raccoon’s tragedy. But each animal discovers one small thing they can do for Raccoon–and it turns out that each small act may not be so small after all.

    A gentle and powerful look at how small actions can make a big impact.

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  • Twisty Turny Journey


    Merle and Pearl have been separated! While Pearl is back with the Gomez family, Merle finds himself scurrying through the Holy Land with Dave, a honey-loving, talking lizard. Together, Merle and Dave must brave the perils of the Israeli wilderness in the hopes of reuniting Merle with his friends and foiling Dr. Simon’s evil plan. Get ready for more daring escapes, hilarious jokes, and squirrel origami as Merle and Pearl try to make their way back to each other. Will they find each other before Dr. Simon does?

    Readers will learn about Jesus calling his disciples and the Kingdom of God.

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  • World God Made


    God gives us all the earth and calls it home.

    Celebrating the wonders of nature, this retelling of Psalm 104 invites you to enjoy and explore the world God made. Moving from one feature of the natural world to the next–from the sky and earth to the animals and oceans–the book’s lyrical language introduces questions from a child’s view. What about when strong winds blow? When birds fly far away? When the night is long? Each uncertainty is met with a truth about God’s character to comfort children and give them the confidence they need to explore the world around them. After all, the One who made all the earth is in control and always with us.

    Hannah Anderson’s stirring words are joined by Nathan Anderson’s soft, realistic watercolors. Together they have created a book with a timeless aesthetic and readability, one that will resonate with families who celebrate the beauty of nature and the wisdom that comes from the world God made.

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  • Since The Baby Came


    This charming, playful story-in-verse introduces children to a variety of different poetic forms while walking them through all the twists and turns of welcoming a new baby into the family.

    Mama is having a baby.
    Everything’s starting to change.
    God, can you tell me what happened?
    Life is becoming so strange.

    Since the Baby Came offers a unique take on a timeless topic. The heartfelt and humorous drama unfolds completely in verse, addressing the full range of emotions a young child experiences when a new baby joins the family-from surprise and confusion to feelings of neglect and jealousy to wholehearted tenderness and affection. The book also introduces young children to the playfulness and fun of various forms of poetry, from senryu to villanelle.

    Look out! It’s a diaper volcano!
    Forgive me for being abrupt.
    There isn’t much time to explain-OH!
    That thing is about to erupt!

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  • Goodness


    Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear are excited–they can’t wait to see what Mrs. Brown has planned for the country fair! Come learn about the joy of goodness as the cubs prepare for a day of good old-fashioned fun in this Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit storybook!

    The cubs are excited–they can’t wait for the country fair! Mrs. Brown, the preacher’s wife, is filled with goodness–she never hesitates to help others. And she always finds a way to make things fun for everyone, which is why the cubs love her so much! This 32-page hardcover storybook, created by Mike Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan Berenstain, includes a soon-to-be classic story about the joy of being kind.

    Kids ages 3 to 7 will enjoy this sweet, faith-based story filled with fun, colorful illustrations–it’s the perfect read-aloud for any day! The Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit series celebrates the joy of faith, family, and friends–values essential to a wholesome and fulfilling life!

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  • I Know Who I Am


    An uplifting picture book that reminds children all over the world of God’s love for them-affirming their standing in His kingdom and reinforcing their God-given identity.

    I am beautifully made and crowned with glory and strength!
    I am filled with God’s power!
    I am building my life on Jesus, the solid rock!
    I am not afraid, for the Lord is always with me!

    Join children from Haiti, India, Korea, Rwanda, Spain, New Zealand, and many more countries as they each declare God’s truth about their identities. Each page is a joyful exploration of how God has uniquely made every child to reveal His glory, but also serves as a beautiful reminder for kids about who they are-and, most important, whom they belong to.

    Featuring simple, biblically based affirmative statements and bold and vibrant illustrations, this inspirational celebration of a young believer’s identity in Christ is a must-have for every church and Christian family.

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  • When Clouds Touch Us


    Inspired by the author’s own childhood, this stunning novel in verse, sequel to the award-winning #1 bestseller Inside Out and Back Again, picks up two years after Ha and her family arrive in Alabama as refugees from the Vi?t Nam War.

    Ha and her family have worked hard to make a life for themselves in the US, but it hasn’t come easy. Ha has only just started to feel settled when Mother decides that the family will move to Texas for a new job.

    Ha knows how hard starting over is and doesn’t want to have to do it again. But sometimes even an unwanted change can bring opportunity, new friends, and a place to call home.

    This lyrical and compelling sequel to the National Book Award Medalist and Newbery Honor winning, #1 New York Times bestselling novel Inside Out and Back Again follows Ha and her family through another year of upheaval, growth, and love.

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  • Cat And Bug Its Naptime


    In this story in the Cat and Bug series of full-color board books about Cat and his friend Bug, Bug ticks Cat into trading his cookie for a magic wand. But the wand is really just a stick. Luckily, Dog loves sticks and has an even bigger cookie to trade. This amusing beginner book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will teach readers about trading, thinking carefully before trading something precious, and making smart choices. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • What I Love About You


    “Okay kids, it’s time for bed…I have an idea, let’s play a game! Do you know what I loved about you today?” Inspired by true events, What I Love About You tells the story of a mom desperately trying to get her kids to fall asleep by playing a game that would be continued to be played for years to come. A simple yet impactful game about sharing what one mom loved about her children from that day demonstrates to readers the power of affirming one’s children and how that unconditional love can help them achieve their dreams. Written by Lisa Fletcher (@lisafletcher805), What I Love About You will inspire other parents to share with their own children what they love about them while also showcasing that sometimes children can cause havoc, but the unconditional love a mother has for her children will always prevail.

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  • My Elephant Is Blue


    What will help when the blues leave you feeling as though you’re crushed beneath an elephant? Will a smile do the trick? A gentle nudge? Chocolate? A walk? Can anyone–or anything–make the elephant go away?

    Warm, empathetic, hopeful, and often funny, My Elephant Is Blue is an inviting exploration of the experience of living under the weight of sadness.

    A reading guide with discussion questions based on the book, activities to help children explore its themes, and a list of resources for more information will be available April 2023 at

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  • Zip The Robot Has A New Toy


    In this story, Zip has a shiny, expensive, fancy new toy. His friend Cat wants to play with it, but Zip’s toy is much too fancy! This amusing beginner reader book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will show the readers the importance of patience and taking care of precious things. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • Zip The Robot Sees A Spider


    In this story, Zip sees a spider on his friend Cat’s arm. But Zip has a plan to remove the spider–a plan that will make him a hero! Zip tries unsuccessfully to scare the spider away, but he does scare Cat! This amusing beginner reader book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will show readers the importance of careful problem-solving. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • Zip The Robot Takes A Hike


    In this story in the Zip the Robot series, Zip wants to accompany Cat on a hike. Robots are great hikers, he says. But the hike is too long, hot, and muddy for a robot. Zip may have a lot to learn but his good friend Cat loves him anyway. This amusing beginner reader book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will show the readers the importance of taking care of your friends and keeping a good attitude. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • Zip The Robots Tea Party


    In this story, Zip, an overconfident robot, wants to have a tea party with Cat. Zip insists that tea parties require fancy hats, cake with frosting, and sugar cookies, but when Cat wants to pour the tea, Zip admits he doesn’t like tea, though he loves cake and cookies! This amusing beginner reader book, with bold, bright illustrations and simple text will show readers the importance of thinking creatively. Introduces young readers to simple vocabulary and dialogue.

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  • Wherever You Go I Want You To Know


    We all love to dream about what we might do later in life: jobs we might have, places we might go to, people we might meet. And parents and caregivers love to encourage and support their kids.

    But for Christian parents, their greatest aspiration is that whatever their kids do and wherever they go, they will love and follow Jesus.

    This keepsake edition of the beautiful rhyming book by Melissa Kruger and Isobel Lundie provides the perfect reminder for graduating students that whatever they do and wherever they go, Jesus is more important than anything else.

    It’s also ideal for a child to take with them all the way up through school, with each successive teacher adding their own comments and encouragements.

    Includes 16 illustrated pages for writing messages and pasting in photos, plus a pocket for keepsakes in the back. The robust slipcase means you will keep these memories safe for the long term.

    As children embark on life’s journey with all their potential and aspirations, use this book to express to them your biggest dream, and help them remember it .

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  • Leggy Peggy : The Toucan Who Can’t – Until She Cancan


    Deep in the jungle, young Peggy the toucan grows unusually long, pink legs. She’s different to the others and spends her days trying – and failing – to fit in. Things change for Peggy when she discovers the wonderful world of cancan dancing and accepts that she was born to stand out. Through jaunty rhyme, quirky, freehand digital illustrations and unique characters, Leggy Peggy shows the power of resilience, the benefits of overcoming self-doubt, and the magic of being unique.

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  • Time To Roll


    Teen, Jamie Sumner

    Additional Info
    In the eagerly anticipated sequel to Jamie Sumner’s acclaimed and beloved middle grade novel Roll with It, Ellie finds her own way to shine.

    Ellie is so not the pageant type. They’re Coralee’s thing, and Ellie is happy to let her talented friend shine in the spotlight. But what’s she supposed to do when Coralee asks her to enter a beauty pageant, and their other best friend, Bert, volunteers to be their manager? Then again, how else is she going to get through this summer with her dad, who barely knows her, while her mom is off on her honeymoon with Ellie’s amazing gym teacher? Ellie decides she has nothing to lose.

    There’s only one problem: the director of the pageant seems determined to put Ellie and her wheelchair front and center. So it’s up to Ellie to figure out a way to do it on her own terms and make sure her friendships don’t fall apart along the way. Through it all, from thrift store deep dives to disastrous dance routines, she begins to form her own definition of beauty and what it means to really be seen.

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  • Sweet Like Milton Hershey


    It’s another mission for the Good Guys Agency! Success can be sweet, but for the gang’s friend Jalen, it’s turned him bitter. Back in time the trio goes, this time to visit renowned entrepreneur Milton Hershey. Milton builds a chocolate empire, but his sweetest success isn’t the business or even his chocolate. What’s his secret? Can Jalen get a taste? And will Red get enough of chocolate? (Spoiler alert: probably not.) Find out in Sweet Like Milton Hershey!

    What is the Good Guys Agency series?

    Boys need better role models, and in The Good Guys Agency series, friends Lucky, Rudy, and Red take matters into their own hands! Time travel adventures, historic heroes, comic book panels, laughs, jokes, and more deliver a winning combination of fun, education, and values to inspire a new generation of honorable men. Perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Dog Man!

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  • I Pray Youll Be


    Remind little ones that bold, heartfelt prayers support them every day with this sweet picture book from best-selling author Hannah C. Hall.

    Expressing daring dreams and heartfelt hopes for a beloved child, this irresistible book tells kids that there are people in their lives who care for them and believe in them, and that a loving God hears our prayers and shapes their futures. Simultaneously challenging and comforting, the beautiful verse encourages boldness and bravery, but also humility and gentleness: “And when you finally find your way and dawn comes breaking through, you’ll show the way to others with the same grace shown to you.” Perfect for reading with a special child, this empowering picture book will remind kids that they are supported by the love, hopes, and prayers of those who care deeply for them.

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  • Dead Sea Squirrels 3 Pack Books 7-9


    Merle and Pearl have been captured and whisked off to Israel. What does the man with the suit and sunglasses want with the beloved squirrels? Will Michael, Sadie, Justin, and the rest of the Gomez family track them down before it’s too late? Full of hilarious squirrelly antics and a new crew of talking animals, this 3-book set comes with a U-wrap and includes books 7 9 in the Dead Sea Squirrels series:

    *Merle of Nazareth
    *A Dusty Donkey Detour
    *Jingle Squirrels

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  • Homesick Horse


    In Homesick Horse, Winnie’s Aunt Betty comes to stay, bringing her barn sour horse. Buck is too anxious to spend much time outside the barn, always running for home at the first chance. Winnie takes on the challenge of helping Buck acclimate to being outdoors. But Winnie herself is anxious about leaving home to go to Tamson’s sleepover, while Aunt Betty misses her home in California. Winnie and Aunt Betty both learn that they are at home with Jesus, wherever they are.

    Winnie: The Early Years is a prequel series to the popular Winnie the Horse Gentler series by the same author. Winnie: The Early Years takes place on the same ranch and even includes Winnie’s mother (who passed away in the original series). The hope is that young readers will enjoy Winnie’s early adventures and as they grow up, they’ll advance to reading the original series.

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  • Indescribable Activity Book For Kids


    Your kids will discover God’s incredible creation, learn more about God and the Bible, and become little scientists with the Indescribable Activity Book for Kids, based on the massively popular Indescribable Kids series, which has sold almost one million copies.

    Bestselling author and founder of the Passion movement Louie Giglio shares this interactive activity book for ages 6-10, combining biblical truths with scientific facts and fun activities and helping kids explore the wonder of God’s creation at a whole new level! With more than 100 activities, this book includes:

    *mazes, puzzles, riddles, and logic games
    *word searches, crosswords, and complete-the-story exercises
    *STEM projects for kids
    *simple science projects and at-home activities
    *ideas for helping your community and people around the world
    *maps and diagrams
    *coloring and drawing prompts and much more!

    STEM-based learning has proven benefits, such as increased creativity, critical thinking skills, and cognitive development. This faith-based, educational activity book is a wonderful way to further prepare your child for success in school. Each activity takes a close, interactive look at;

    *space–from asteroids to spacecraft
    *earth–from volcanoes to rivers
    *animals–from ants to dinosaurs
    *people–from our bones to our emotions and senses

    With bright, kid-friendly artwork by Lynsey Wilson and Nicola Anderson, this activity book is a perfect cure for boredom at home, a fun diversion on car rides, and a healthy alternative to screen time.

    Check out these other books from Pastor Louie’s Indescribable Kids series:

    *Indescribable for Little Ones
    *How Great Is Our God
    *The Wonder of Creation

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  • Bear Is Never Alone


    A stirring, thoughtful story about the pressure to perform and the support of a true friend.

    When Bear sits down at the piano, he makes beautiful music, and the other animals can’t get enough. “More, more, Pianobear!” they shout. But sometimes Bear just wants to relax. Even when he tries to escape to a quiet tree branch, the voices follow him: “More! More! More!” Finally Bear snaps. No one seems to understand why he’s so upset-except Zebra. Zebra loves Bear’s music, but she doesn’t ask him to start playing again. Instead, she brings over a book…

    This moving story is the perfect companion for social-emotional lessons about choosing solitude, respecting boundaries, and building interpersonal awareness. Illustrated in striking shades of black, white, and red, Bear Is Never Alone encourages young readers to notice others’ needs and care for them with kindness.

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  • Chasing Gods Glory


    A unique and delightful children’s book about how God’s glory can be found all around us every day, from the award-winning author of Cora Cooks Pancit.

    “Mama, what exactly is glory?”

    When Zayla asks her mom to describe God’s glory, Mama knows it’s time for an adventure! Together, Mama and Zayla discover how sunrises and dancing, daffodils and green peppers, kind words and loving hugs-and more!-are all reminders of God’s glory.

    Award-winning author Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young’s rich multicultural story and Alyssa De Asis’s vibrant artwork make Chasing God’s Glory a unique invitation to notice and celebrate the radiance of God’s light and love as you and your family become “glory chasers.”

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  • Slowly Slowly Slowly Said The Sloth


    Slowly, slowly, slowly . . . that’s how the sloth lives. He hangs upside-down from the branch of a tree, night and day, in the sun and in the rain, while the other animals of the rain forest rush past him. “Why are you so slow? Why are you so quiet? Why are you so lazy?” the others ask the sloth. And, after a long, long, long time, the sloth finally tells them!

    Set in the lush world of the tropical rain forest, this original picture book is an exquisite showcase of Eric Carle’s colorful collage art-with a meaningful message: Slow down! Take time to enjoy your world.

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  • Turtle Finds His Talent


    Children ages 0-4 will love this adorable and interactive board book that encourages them to embrace their unique gifts and talents. Little ones will also learn throughout the story that God made each of us to be different, and our differences are what make us special.

    Allie the bunny can hop up and down, Lincoln the fox can run fast, Joey the giraffe can reach high up into the sky … but what can Tanner the turtle do? Feeling embarrassed by his lack of talent, Tanner pulls himself into his shell to hide. But when he emerges, he’s surprised to see his animal friends are amazed by what he can do.

    Turtle Finds His Talent:

    *Has child-friendly content that is meaningful and speaks to a child’s inquisitive mind, with features that encourage imagination and play

    *Includes a fun, interactive pull tab feature that allows toddlers and preschoolers ages 0-4 to help Tanner hide and come out of his shell

    *Is durable, and the perfect size for little hands

    *Is ideal for cozy lap reading and story time with children and grandchildren

    *Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter

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  • All Of Creation


    From conservation to protecting endangered species to sustainable living, All of Creation offers young readers accessible and fascinating information on the challenges our planet faces and practical ways we can care for the magnificent world around us.

    Drawing on science and Scripture, this hope-filled and kid-friendly guide to planet Earth addresses our most pressing questions about caring for and respecting God’s world, such as:

    *What are the biggest challenges our planet faces, and what impact do they have on our lives?

    *What guidance does the Bible offer to help us navigate environmental issues such as pollution, food shortages, and deforestation?

    *What simple choices can we make to help restore and protect God’s creation?

    Gorgeously detailed illustrations throughout highlight the beauty of the natural world, while practical tips and activities at the end of each chapter show how we can become better stewards of the Earth and support efforts that make a positive difference in the world.

    All of Creation is ideal for:

    *Readers ages 8-12 who are interested in conservation and the environment
    *Young people who want to get involved but don’t know where to start
    *Gift-giving occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and other holida

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  • God I Feel Sad


    Kids have big feelings, but none of their feelings are too big for God. In this picture book from licensed counselor Michelle Nietert and Tama Fortner, young readers will explore what it means to feel their sadness and discover how to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

    Sad is a feeling that can be hard, but if we listen to it, we can learn things about ourselves. In God, I Feel Sad, kids discover that it’s okay to be sad and that God is in all things, including sadness. With simple, accessible text, sad becomes an emotion that kids don’t need to avoid and instead something they can use to grow closer to God. The bright, emotive art by Nomar Perez will draw kids in, and a note in the back provides tips and techniques parents and caregivers can use to help young children process their feelings in a beneficial way.

    God, I Feel Sad teaches kids ages 4 to 8 how to:

    *Identify the feeling of sadness
    *See signs of sadness in others
    *Recognize things that can make them feel sad
    *Embrace sadness without letting it overwhelm them
    *Talk to God about their feelings

    God, I Feel Sad is perfect for:

    *Helping young kids develop positive ways to manage and name their feelings
    *Children dealing with changing emotions, new experiences, or loss
    *Family read-aloud time
    *Supporting good communication and mental health habits at an early age

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  • 7 Seas Of Fleas


    Bryce McFee is an ordinary boy bored with washing the flea-ridden family dog. So, he escapes to his imagination and flies across the backyard with a dandelion and seven bees. Trouble strikes when a swarm of pesky fleas gives chase, threatening to ruin his adventure. Ultimately, an unlikely friendship is formed between the flying boy and the fleas. A fun rhyming story that exercises the imagination.

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  • Salmon Of Knowledge


    A creative illustrated retelling of a traditional Irish legend about an enchanted salmon that will impart all the knowledge in the world to the first person who eats it. Finnegas, a wise, eldery poet, spends his days fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge. He meets Fionn, a young boy who hopes to become a brave warrior, but who must first find a poet to instruct him. Follow the story of a young boy who sets out to become a warrior but, in an unexpected twist, acquires far more knowledge than he had ever expected to gain.

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  • Mama Loves Dolly


    Dolly Parton, a country music singer/songwriter from East Tennessee, is known worldwide for her talent, grit, and charisma. It’s no surprise that she has plenty of superfans. When a little girl notices her mama’s slight obsession with Dolly, her mother delights in the opportunity to share with her child many of the other wonderful reasons the world loves Dolly in addition to her captivating ballads.

    In this sweet tale, a simple question from a curious little girl leads to life lessons sure to inspire young and old.

    Follow along as the child learns about Dolly’s humble beginnings in the Appalachian mountains, her determination to succeed in Nashville even though she desperately misses her family back home, and many of the good works Dolly shares with the world once she realizes her dream of becoming a star. From founding the Imagination Library which sends free books to children all over the world, to helping fund medical research, Dolly always steps up when she sees ways to help make the world a better place.

    The little girl learns that success is about more than just achieving your dreams, but that it is also about how you use your gifts to help others along the way. After being made aware of the multitude of contributions to help others by this generous superstar, it’s easy to see why Mama loves Dolly…and everyone else does, too!

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  • Where Is Silly Pigs Hat


    Pig wants to play in the snow, but she can’t find her hat. So, she searches her home to find it. This book is part of The Adventures of Silly Pig series of full-color board books, with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten readers, introducing young readers to a range of vocabulary terms, colors, and numbers.

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  • Silly Pigs Friend Is Sad


    Pig is happy, but Cat is sad. When toys and treats don’t work, what will Pig do to cheer up her friend? This book is part of The Adventures of Silly Pig series of full-color board books, with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten readers, introducing young readers to a range of vocabulary terms, rhyme, and rhythm.

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  • Silly Pigs Long Wait


    Pig writes a letter to Cat and gives it to Bee to deliver. But now an impatient Pig must wait for a response. This book is part of The Adventures of Silly Pig series of full-color board books, with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten readers, introducing young readers to a range of vocabulary terms, rhythm, and rhyme.

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  • Silly Pigs Smelly Socks


    When Pig receives a pair of new socks, there is just one problem: They smell too clean! What will Pig do to make her new socks smell better? This comical story is aimed at encouraging a love of literacy in emergent readers. The book uses bold illustrations and simple text to help new readers develop their vocabulary, as well as encouraging the recognition and understanding of word structure through phonics.

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  • Dream Big My Precious One


    Celebrate the hopes and dreams you have for your little one with this rhyming board book that inspires children to dream big, work hard, and trust in God.

    In Dream Big, My Precious One, a whimsical narrator explores the boundless potential of a child’s future, imagining what the child will love as he or she grows up and all of the incredible things the child could become, from “a doctor or zoologist, a nurse or archaeologist” all the way to “a preacher sharing God’s good news, a captain on a sailing cruise, a vet to cure sick kangaroos!” Upbeat and playful, this book will inspire children to passionately pursue their dreams, knowing that God will be with them every step of the way.

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  • Where Are Your Shoes Mr Brown


    Join a young boy affectionately known as Mr. Brown as he searches for his shoes across the family farm in this first picture book from social media icon and author of The Rooted Life, Justin Rhodes.

    Gideon, the second oldest child of homesteaders Justin and Rebekah Rhodes, is infamously known as the shoe-losing “Mr. Brown.” It drives his papa nuts, especially when it’s time to head out to do chores on the farm. Where Are Your Shoes, Mr. Brown? is an engaging story that follows Mr. Brown as he searches for his missing shoes, bringing a humorous message about responsibility along with an underlying theme of a parent’s love. Justin and Rebekah are parents to five children and involve the them in much of the work on the farm to teach values of hard work, problem solving, and life skills like growing their own food.

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  • Big Truck Playdate


    Corey went everywhere with his trucks. But when it came to other kids, he rode solo.

    When Corey’s school hosts a semi-truck extravaganza, his tires squeal and his heart revs. He can’t believe it! But the crowd of classmates quickly leaves him feeling overwhelmed. Corey must find the courage to be his unique, enthusiastic self before missing the opportunity to have his very own big truck playdate.

    With insight and imagination, this heartwarming story from the perspective of a boy on the autism spectrum demonstrates how the power of play can connect us with new friends.

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  • Be Kind Bible Storybook


    Kindness seems to be a rare commodity these days. Anger, sadness, and selfishness are more the norm than the exception. But, the Bible shows us how to shift the paradigm and make kindness , compassion, and grace our default. The Be Kind Bible Storybook explores themes of kindness and compassion through 100 stories retold from scripture 50 Old Testament stories and 50 New Testament stories. Kids will be transported to Bible times and see how these themes are woven into the stories we read every day. From the young girl who helped Naaman to the Good Samaritan, to a little boy who shared his lunch to feed 5,000 people, our friends from Bible times will model God’s plan for how we love each other well. The stories are paired with vivid, colorful artwork.

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  • Lucky For Winnie


    In Lucky for Winnie, Winnie finally gets the opportunity to gentle her own horse. While she hopes it will be the beautiful Arabian, she instead gets stuck with Lucky, a headstrong Mustang. Meanwhile, Winnie feels tempted to submit a traced drawing for the school art fair because she doubts her artistic skills. Winnie learns that the love and support of her family is better than being a good artist. Plus, when she pushes past her first impression and shows Lucky that she loves her no matter what, their bond grows.

    Winnie: The Early Years is a prequel series to the popular Winnie the Horse Gentler series by the same author. Winnie: The Early Years takes place on the same ranch and even includes Winnie’s mother (who had passed away in the original series). The hope is that young readers will enjoy Winnie’s early adventures, and as they grow up, they’ll advance to reading the original series.

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