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Church Finance

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  • Financial Management For Episcopal Parishes (Revised)


    * Written by CPA working exclusively with parishes of various denominations * Updated to reflect changes in tax law * What to do and how to do it for parishes of all sizes * Real-life examples Experience shows that open and transparent churches engender a greater feeling of trust and willingness on the part of the donor. The policies and processes in Financial Management for Episcopal Parishes, which can be implemented by any size church, allow clergy, vestry, and parishioners to establish and document procedures that enable a financially transparent organization. The book defines the roles of the clergy, staff, vestry, and congregation and outlines what needs to be done by them to design and implement a system of checks and balances for financial oversight and stewardship, in order to protect donations and assets. Throughout the book, real-life examples of processes and procedures that did not work (and why) make for enjoyable reading of an otherwise business-like subject. Every reader will recognize some of them in their own church life.

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  • United Methodist Church Financial Records Handbook 2017-2020


    This handbook will assist you in the work of extending Christ’s love through the business of receiving, distributing, and report gifts given by God’s people for the mission and ministry of the church. You will learn more about the basic financial records and procedures you need to manage funds received by your church. Also included are instructions for good financial control and for using forms developed especially to assist United Methodist congregations. For the Counting Committee How to implement good accounting control for cash and other receipts Step-by-step instructions for counting the offering and preparing the Cast Receipts Voucher and the bank deposit For the Finance Secretary How to initiate and maintain the Quarterly Report of Giving How to prepare for distributing your giving reports For the New Church Treasurer Getting started Creating or updating your Chart of Accounts How to keep Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursement Journals How to prepare your Monthly Treasurer’s Report and assist in reporting to the Charge Conference, District Superintendent, and Annual Conference. And More… The appendix provides a model for a more comprehensive recordkeeping approach using a General Ledger and includes instructions for preparing a Balance Sheet and Income & Expense Statement. Available online with purchase of this resource, includes: Searchable PDF of the Handbook. Reproducible masters of helpful tools such as the Counter’s Tally Sheet, Remittance Advice Form, and Cash Receipts Voucher Quarterly Report of Giving All other forms mention in resource The United Methodist Financial Records Handbook 2017-2020 was developed by The General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church.

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  • E-Giving Guide For Every Church


    The purpose of this book is to help churches raise more money for ministry and mission by better using electronic media. Although philanthropy in the US is growing, churches continue to receive a declining portion of that philanthropy. Part of the challenge is that America is becoming significantly less dependent on paper currency (cash and checks) yet the church continues to count on paper currency as their primary media for donations. There have been warning signals for several years. Many churches face shrinking budgets and membership and are beginning to ask the right questions. The author’s goal is to capture this teachable moment with a resource that will encourage pastors and church leaders to utilize tools already available to change the trajectory of their resourcing; because nothing is more important than what God has called them to do. The banking and electronic giving industries have not made it easy for churches to understand their services or fees. This book will take the confusion and fear away and open churches to new possibilities.

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  • Funding Ministry With Five Loaves And Two Fishes


    This book is for any pastor, church planter or lay leader struggling to do ministry with a lack of financial resources but hungry to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Clergy are trained to preach, teach, and lead a congregation in spiritual matters. However, it has become increasingly alarming that there is no training for clergy when it comes to the “business” matters of the church in regards to finances, debt reduction, fundraising, and building maintenance. The added and sometimes unexpected load for clergy can become cumbersome and extremely stressful. In addition, the decline of the church and the passing of key funders of churches leave many pastors with dying churches and few resources to do anything about it. Rosario Picardo has been in this very position starting a church in a movie theater with no people and very little financial support and revitalizing a dying congregation in a deteriorating physical structure. Through trials and failures, new creative ways of doing ministry and entrepreneurial thinking, God provided, and Picardo learned new ways for reaching the least and lost and growing disciples. In Funding Ministry with Five Loaves and Two Fishes, Picardo shares the lessons he’s learned with confidence that the Church is not dead; it’s just time for a new wineskin.

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  • Successful Synagogue Fundraising Today


    You can achieve your dreams of financial stability for your congregation.

    “At almost every institution around the country, there is money left unasked for and, as a result, not given. ‘Wait,’ you might say. ‘We have an annual appeal every year! Every family in our congregation is asked for a donation at High Holiday services. If they haven’t given, they just don’t want to give to us.’ That may be how you perceive the interaction, but do your congregants see it the same way?”

    -from Chapter 1

    Successful synagogue fundraising is no easy task, but it is possible-for all congregations. Development consultants Rabbi David A. Mersky and Abigail Harmon outline a practical, step-by-step approach to fundraising programs and systems that can help your synagogue achieve growth and sustainability. They show you how to:

    Create excitement about new models of fundraising
    Set up a comprehensive development program
    Find and engage current and prospective donors
    Choose effective staff, volunteers and consultants
    Create a culture of asking and giving that everyone feels positive about
    Bring your community together to support the congregation’s mission and vision

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  • Integrity At Stake


    Integrity at Stake: Safeguarding Your Church from Financial Fraud by Rollie Dimos is a financial resource book intended for pastors, church leaders, and church administrators. Dimos’ expertise as a certified fraud examiner and internal auditor provides the church audience with essential tools and know-how to assess their financial processes. Including practical steps for evaluation, Integrity at Stake details internal controls, risk management, and true stories to help church leaders reduce the risk of fraud and increase financial accountability and integrity.

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  • Holy Currency Exchange


    Eric Law’s foundational Holy Currencies (2013) demonstrated a new way ministries can think about the resources needed to do their work in their communities. Law’s follow-up book, Holy Currency Exchange, shares a variety of tools for thinking differently about how those resources can mobilize ministries into new life, mission, and vitality. Examples include a restaurant ministry, programs for youth, an emergency rent loan fund for people in the neighborhood, worship service in Mexican restaurants, and many more. What could your ministry do?

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  • New Membership And Financial Alternatives For The American Synagogue


    1. The Shifting Relationship Of The Synagogue And The Jewish Community
    2. Voluntary Dues
    3. No Dues Or “Gifts Of The Heart”
    4. Transactional Membership
    5. Open Membership
    6. The No-Membership Model
    7. The Tiered Model
    8. Special-Interest Membership
    9. The Community Campus: An Approach To Financing Institutional Physical Structure 10. The Co-op Model
    11. The Hybrid Model

    Additional Info
    Provides synagogue and communal leaders with a thoughtful process and the ingredients necessary to consider important changes in the synagogue. Includes provocative new models for membership and synagogue finance; examples from successful synagogues, bolstered by illustrations from the private sector; and practical steps for implementing change.

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  • QuickBooks For Church And Other Religious Organizations 2nd Edition


    Deep River Press Inc Title

    Church accounting is challenging. It’s not like for-profit businesses. Lisa London, CPA, understands that not everyone thinks like an accountant. QuickBooks for Churches and Other Religious Organizations is written for beginners in a friendly and easy-to-understand style, but includes tips that even the most seasoned CPA may be surprised to find.

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  • Church Accounting : The How To Guide For Small And Growing Churches


    Deep River Press Inc Title

    The must-have reference for small and growing churches that explains all the basics of church accounting in a reader-friendly format. Authors Lisa London and Vickey Boatright help you understand the often-complicated tax code, how to set up an effective accounting system, and implement proper procedures to safeguard your church’s resources.

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  • Church Money Manual


    The Church Money Manual is the best resource available for churches seeking better ways to manage finances. Thoughtfully targeting multiple areas, the book features condensed chapters each focusing on a different subject. Subjects range from specific, detailed problems to perennially critical themes churches face in money management and stewardship.

    Some examples of condensed chapters include: A focus on donors and contributors no longer blaming the economy as a hindrance in their giving. Help addressing how to handle a donor who says they will not give unless particular areas are addressed. Outlines some of the most frequent mistakes hindering giving. How to navigate the area when there is a neighboring Christian university or college. An understanding of why pastors need giving to be good spiritual doctors just as medical professionals need diagnostics to be good physical doctors. Spotlighting what churches should be doing to help giving at the end of the year.

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  • Rich Church Poor Church


    Does your church have the necessary funds to do ministry?

    In Dr. J. Clif Christopher’s nearly forty years in ministry as a pastor and president of Horizons Stewardship Company, he has witnessed the financial stewardship practices of thousands of churches. A few have exceptional records in acquiring and managing the necessary funds for mission and ministry, but the vast majority struggle every year to get by.

    In this important new work made even more relevant by the state of the current economy, Christopher contrasts the traits of the most productive congregations with those that perennially fail to secure the funds to perform transformational ministry. Some churches practice the necessary financial habits that form the foundation of successful ministry, while others waste valuable resources and undermine ministry opportunities.

    Through Christiopher’s insight born out of years of experience and consultation, readers can assess the financial condition of their own churches.

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  • Complexities Of Money And Missions In Asia



    1. Buddhist Perceptions Of The Christian Use Of Funds In Sri Lanka
    G. P. V. Somaratna

    2. Personal Reflections On Financial Responsibility Of Missionaries And Indigenous Churches
    Alex G. Smith

    3. Money And Missionary Lifestyle In The Buddhist World
    Andrew Thomas

    4. Possessions, Positions, And Power: Material Asymmetries And The Missionary Call
    Jonathan J. Bonk

    5. Partnerships, Money, And Dialogue In Buddhist Contexts
    Mary T. Lederleitner

    6. Speaking Of The Unspeakable: Money And Missions In Patron-client Buddhist Cultures
    Paul H. De Neui

    7. Effective Partnerships For Church-Multiplication And Insider Movements
    David S. Lim

    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    What happens when an expatriate missionary is thrust into a context where the standard of living is so divergent that perceived or actual wealth suddenly becomes the strongest draw of attraction? What actual message is communicated through the wordless witness of the Western Christian missionary lifestyle? Is attention to so-called good news now so financially focused that other foundational issues become overshadowed? This issue becomes even more complicated when the missionary arrives clueless about personal privilege, ignorant of the envy of others, and carries the mistaken attitude that others think similarly. SEANET proudly presents Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia for all who are asking such questions. From seven different indigenous and expatriate perspectives this volume deals with the perceptions of money specifically from those seeking to serve obediently in the Buddhist contexts of Asia.

    SEANET serves as a networking forum wherein groups and individuals can meet to reflect and strategize together on topics particular to their collective mission. SEANET does not promote one particular strategy or one particular theology but seeks to learn from models of hope that show what God is doing around the world. Each year the annual SEANET conference brings together over one hundred and fifty practitioners who are privileged to live and serve throughout the Buddhist world. The chapters of this volume represent seven of those voices from the network.

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  • Grow Your Churches Income


    In these recessionary times, churches are as hard hit financially as anyone. Here is a simple, practical guide to making your church’s resources go as far as they possibly can in the short, medium and long term. In non-technical language this provides a basic guide to: Managing money and budgets, controlling your expenditure, ways of increasing income, how to address falling numbers and falling income, identifying ways to raise income from outside sources, getting the best prices for utilities and other services, group purchasing schemes etc. Illustrated with real examples from churches of all sizes and in all states of financial health, here is an indispensable guide.

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  • Business Of The Church


    Pastors are called to be not only leaders with vision but also managers of congregational systems, says John Wimberly in The Business of the Church. Drawing on his thirty-six years in ordained ministry, Wimberly weaves the realities of congregational dynamics and faith-centered purpose together with practical, proven approaches to business management. A student and friend of Rabbi Edwin Friedman, Wimberly builds on Friedman’s systems theory as he helps readers avoid common pitfalls and put into practice effective techniques of congregational management.

    The book begins with a foundational discussion of how a systems approach helps congregational managers identify areas of dysfunction and effective solutions. Managing the critical “inputs” of people, facilities, and finances has a direct bearing on the desired “outputs” of proclamation, pastoral care, and mission. A strategic plan, through which a congregation sets its goals and identifies and prioritizes resources, is an essential management tool for both pastors and lay leaders.

    The author’s conversational writing style and many real-life examples make a seemingly complicated, mysterious topic for some an engaging and easily applicable read.

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  • Ministry And Money


    This book provides a practical resource for pastors and other clergy seeking a better understanding of the relationship between faith and money. In Part I, the authors provide biblical, historical, and theological perspective on money. They address issues such as how we understand the nature of money, how it should be used, and the ways in which responsible stewardship of money can be carried out in the local church. In Part II, these concepts are applied in practical ways, including an excellent primer on accounting practices, church financial reports, and church budgets to help clergy readers work through these dimensions of ministry. Throughout, the authors provide real-life examples to help clarify basic approaches to issues of money in the local church.

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  • Chief Steward


    The Chief Steward will coach you in developing the leadership skills to create a financial stewardship culture in your church that transforms people into devoted followers of Christ.

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  • Church Treasurers Manual


    1 Responsibilities Of The Church Treasurer
    Separation Of Financial Responsibilities
    Guidelines For Handling Church Offerings
    Acknowledging And Reporting Charitable Gifts
    Quid Pro Quo Disclosure Requirements
    Suggested Steps In Handling Expenditures
    Should You Computerize Your Church’s
    Financial Records?
    2 Payroll, Employees, And Ministerial Compensation
    Who Is An Employee, And Who Is A Contractor?
    Contractors, Employees, And Ministers
    Employees (Other Than Clergy)
    What If We Do Not Withhold And Report?
    What If We Are Not Sure Which Employment Relationship
    10 Steps To Preparing For Payroll Tax Obligations
    Ministerial Compensation
    IRS Regulations For Business Expense Reimbursements
    The Cost Of A Minister Vs. The Cost Of A Ministry
    Parsonage Or Housing Allowance?
    Pro Parsonage And Con Housing Allowance
    Pro Housing Allowance And Con Parsonage
    Tax Implications
    Another Alternative
    OK. We’ve Decided On The Housing Allowance
    Conflict Over Compensation Issues
    3 Taxes
    Tax And Reporting Procedures For Congregations
    Classification Of Employees
    How The Courts Have Ruled
    The Ministerial Employee
    The Lay Employee
    The Employer Identification Number
    What Is Taxable For Federal Income Tax Purposes?
    Income Tax Withholding
    Social Security/Medicare Tax Witholding
    Form W-4
    Deposit Of Withheld Amounts
    Form 941
    Form W-2
    Form W-3
    Form W-5
    Form 1099-MISC
    Short Checklist For Tax Procedures
    Checklist For Filling Out Box 1 Of Form W-2
    Minimizing Income Taxes For Church Employees
    Tax-Free Employee Benefits
    Business Transportation, Travel, And Related Expenses
    The Accountable Reimbursement Plan
    What The Church Could Do
    The Church-Owned Automobile
    4 Budgeting, Reporting, And Financial Audits
    How Do You Determine The Annual Budget?
    The Chart Of Annual Accounts
    Financial Reports To The Congregation
    Balance Sheet
    Statement Of Revenue And Expense
    Statement Of Cash Flows
    Other Financial Reports
    Why Have An Audit?
    External Audits
    Internal Audits
    Audit Procedures
    Works Cited
    Appendix 1 Where To Go For More Information
    Appendix 2 Financial Forms

    Additional Info
    Most of the time, members who accept the position of church treasurer have little or no background in accounting, especially in smaller churches; and even those with accounting experience may have trouble knowing what’s expected of them when they begin their duties.

    The Church Treasurer’s Manual is a practical tool that provides treasurers everything they need to know about handling church finances. From an overview of duties to helpful guidelines for completing tasks, new and veteran treasurers alike will learn practical tips and time-saving suggestions that will help them carry out their responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.

    Resources include:
    an easy-to-understand overview of basic accounting principles
    an extensive explanation of tax regulations
    options for monthly and annual financial reporting
    a general job description for the church treasurer
    record keeping form for taxes, accounting ledgers, individual contribution records, budget worksheets, the offering, and more
    advice for handling payroll, housing allowances, and other compensations for the pastor and staff
    tips on communicating with the church board, the pastor, and the financial committee
    ethical guidelines for handling money

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  • When The Vision Is Bigger Than The Budget


    Introductory Offer – This book addresses the economic and financial vision and mission of the church as it seeks to minister to the community. Dr. Holley’s thesis is the ministry and purpose of the church is so important it calls for creative means and methods to meet the needs of the community. For him the church is not just a spiritual hospital to cure spiritual malnutrition but it is an institution set up by Jesus to administer to the total needs of the individual. One way the church can do this is to empower the community and individuals to develop a sense of business acumen.

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  • Money Matters In Church (Reprinted)


    Helps leaders of any size church address the financial issues of their ministry.

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  • Winning Grants To Strengthen Your Ministry


    The compassion, creativity, and knowledge about community needs that ministry leaders possess make faith-based ministries well suited for serving people in need. As a rule, however, ministry groups are less experienced than other types of nonprofit organizations in discerning which funding to seek, understanding how to build relationships with funders, and putting together proposals.

    Joy Skjegstad is an experienced grant-proposal writer who has successfully raised money for a variety of nonprofits over the past 20 years, including three ministry organizations. She shows how fundraising can be an integral part of ministry-forcing us into deeper conversation with God, expanding our relationships with others, and building both our faith and our discipline.

    Providing detailed guidance on the practical aspects of seeking grants from foundation and corporate funders, Skjegstad describes approaches for researching potential funders, developing a case statement, putting together an effective grant proposal, and following up with grant makers. She explains the types of grants available and how to determine which are a good fit with your ministry.

    For faith-based ministries, faith is the groundwork for fundraising-the most important thing to consider while developing fundraising values and strategies. Skjegstad helps faith communities identify their own cultural beliefs, follow spiritual disciplines, and cultivate generous hearts as they work toward integrating their faith and their fundraising.

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  • Treasures For The Transformed Life


    Transformational Spiritual Development
    The book, Treasures of the Transformed Life offers an appealing theme for your members – Satisfying Your Soul’s Thirst for More. It offers your congregation the broad benefits of deepening well-rounded spiritual growth. Their newly enhanced connection to God and to each other will help them to view everything with a new perspective. As a result, all areas of their Prayers, Presence, Gifts, and Service can be improved.

    These 40 days of daily readings embrace:

    Desiring a Better Life
    Experiencing Meaningful Prayer
    Building the Church as a Team
    Finding New Ways to Serve
    Unleashing Generous Giving
    Living the Transformed Life
    A Spiritual Growth Resource for Christians and Congregations
    Whether it is used for personal study, a class lesson plan, or in a congregation-wide 40-day reading program, this book aids ongoing transformation by building –

    More Strength
    More Participation
    More Ownership
    More Service
    More Teamwork
    More Commitment
    More Gratitude
    More Generosity

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  • Remember The Future


    A primer for churches on sound asset managment by an Episcopal priest and Controller of the Dioceses of New York.

    Remember the Future is a result of years of hands-on consulting work with struggling congregations by Jerry Keucher, who served on the staff of the Diocese of New York for 13 years. Keucher notes that many, if not most, congregations in mainline churches have declined in the past forty years and that this shrinkage in numbers “has deeply affected the psyches” of congregational leaders. Using a positive tone and attitude to help congregations imagine health instead of decline, Keucher offers clear, step-by-step methods and advice on analyzing and managing all aspects of congregational assets.

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  • Ministry And Money


    Frank, straightforward guidance for clergy seeking to develop a sound theology of money and skills for church administration, Ministry and Money also puts forth a new strategy for self-care, and a confident approach to managing both personal and congregational finances. Alban Senior Consultant and author Dan Hotchkiss wants to help clergy overcome their own anxieties about money matters so they can help others address the personal, social, and congregational aspects of this challenging and often difficult topic.

    Hotchkiss observes that clergy are anxious about money for all the same reasons other people are and for some special reasons, as well:

    Many people believe that what is “spiritual” excludes money and power.
    Many clergy’s own finances are in difficulty.
    Clergy depend on their congregations for their livelihood.
    And in many congregations, clergy effectiveness may still be judged in financial terms.
    Drawing on the full spectrum of American religious life, Hotchkiss addresses these important issues, offering practical assistance to clergy who wish to become more effective leaders by examining their own unique anxieties and convictions about money.

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  • Mission Based Management (Reprinted)


    This practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-use workbook provides key tools to help managers of nonprofits ensure that their organization pursues its mission, meets the changing needs of the community-and has enough money to make ends meet-while also satisfying the demands of funders, clientele, boards, staff, and bankers. Designed to equip nonprofit managers and other nonprofit workers with the guidance they need to do their jobs and run their organizations more effectively and efficiently, this workbook is also a hands-on tool to help implement the ideas in the author’s highly regarded Mission-Based Management. Filled with indispensable checklists, worksheets, forms, displays, and hands-on suggestions, and including a companion CD-ROM, the Workbook will show you how to smoothly and successfully:
    * Hone your organization’s core competencies
    * Focus your resources
    * Improve overall mission capability
    * Get the most out of group discussions
    * Utilize self-assessment tools

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  • Ask And You Shall Receive (Workbook)


    SKU (ISBN): 9780787951313ISBN10: 0787951315Kim KleinBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 2000Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc./Wiley Print On Demand Product

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  • Ask And You Shall Receive (Teacher’s Guide)


    Fundraising expert Kim Klein has trained thousands of groups and individuals to cultivate assets that make good works possible. The Ask and You Shall Receive training package is a do-it-yourself, start-to-finish program on jumpstarting fundraising efforts. A peer-led program designed for use with its companion Participant Manual, the Ask and You Shall Receive Leader Manual walks you through the most common fundraising scenarios with dependable information, methods, prompts, and preparation guidelines. Realistic time allowances keep the training within reach of busy volunteers.

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  • Growing Givers Hearts


    SKU (ISBN): 9780787948290ISBN10: 0787948292Thomas Jeavons | Rebekah BasingerBinding: Cloth TextPublished: January 2000Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc./Wiley Print On Demand Product

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  • Summary Of Receipts Triplicate Report Book


    Triplicate receipt pad for recording all income, 50 triplicate sets per pad. Perforated sheets in three colors. Seven carbons in back.

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  • Fundraising For Churches


    SKU (ISBN): 9780281050581ISBN10: 0281050589Jane GrieveBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1999Publisher: SPCK Print On Demand Product

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  • Effective Church Finances


    SKU (ISBN): 9780787938697ISBN10: 0787938696Kennon CallahanBinding: Trade PaperPublished: August 1997Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc./Wiley Print On Demand Product

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