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  • Blessings For A Great Teacher


    Show your child’s teacher just how much you value her dedication and hard work with the Blessings for a Great Teacher Hardcover Gift Book as part of a teacher appreciation gift. This charming book serves as a heartwarming token of appreciation for the educators who invest their time and energy in nurturing young minds. With a colorful collection of inspirational quotes and Scripture, it’s an ideal way to express gratitude and encouragement.

    An open book growing bright flowers decorate the light teal front cover of the gift book and ground the title that is presented in multi-colored fonts.

    Blessings for a Great Teacher

    A dark teal band runs along the spine and spills over to the back cover, where a special message that underscores the profound impact teachers make on their students’ live is framed in a light teal box.

    Thank you
    for all you give,
    for all that you do,
    and for all that you are!

    You have a special place in my heart.
    Philippians 1:7

    Inside, a presentation page allows personalization of the gift, adding the recipient’s name, the giver’s name, and a date. The subsequent pages, bursting with vibrant illustrations, host a treasure trove of Scripture verses, prayers, and thought-provoking quotes on education. These pages pay homage to the noble calling of teaching, acknowledging the devotion and passion teachers pour into their work.

    The Blessings for a Great Teacher Hardcover Gift Book is part of the Teal Best Teacher Collection, designed to celebrate the selfless work of teachers. This collection includes a ceramic coffee mug, an epoxy-filled metal keyring, a Box of Blessings(R), a perpetual desktop calendar, and a gift book.

    The Blessings for a Great Teacher Hardcover Gift Book is the perfect addition to any teacher appreciation gift. Express your profound thanks and let your child’s teacher know just how much you appreciate her when you present the Blessings for a Great Teacher Hardcover Gift Book as part of Teacher Appreciation Week.

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  • Holy Sparks : Poems


    Holy Sparks is a collection of ecopoetry with a spiritual (ecotheological) spin–poems grounded in a belief in the kinship between the cosmos and its Creator. Biophilic imagery is used throughout the poems to suggest that reverence for the earth is a natural consequence of reverence for God. The language of poetry is used to interconnect the human, natural and sacred, and to express humanity’s moral and ethical responsibility to our nonhuman kin. These poems question what it means for humans to live in right relationship with earth’s lifesystems, and they suggest that our very identity is tied to our reverence for the natural world. They offer a space of confession, reparation and praise of what remains. Holy Sparks is a call to partake of Earth’s wisdom so that we might participate in the Creator’s ongoing work.

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  • Sister Roar : Claim Your Authentic Voice, Embrace Real Freedom, And Discove


    You deserve to live your strongest, happiest, most fulfilled life. Join Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay and her daughter-in-law Lisa as they share a Scripture-infused message that will help you set aside your loneliness, disappointment, and past mistakes and finally embrace your God-given purpose.

    The world has never needed your voice more than it does at this moment. Through faith-filled, poignant, and sometimes hilarious stories about the sisterhood that Miss Kay and Lisa have built with each other and with other women they’ve met on their journey, Sister Roar will embolden you to:

    *Discover how God can transform your voice into the powerful tool it was meant to be
    *Find inspiration, comfort, and encouragement through true stories of healed heartbreak
    *See how much you have in common with beloved women of the Bible
    *Create a place of sisterhood where you are loved for who you are

    A love letter to the sisterhood of believers around the globe, Sister Roar reminds you beyond any doubt that you have that the world needs to hear. Your sisters are calling. Are you ready to roar?

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  • You Were Made For This Moment


    Are you weary? Worn out by the bills that keep stacking, a virus that keeps raging, or a heart that keeps aching? If so, the book of Esther brings welcome news: Relief will come!

    To be clear, you didn’t ask for this struggle. You want to get past it. You don’t know how much longer you can hold up. But what if God is with you in this difficult season? When life seems off the rails, remember this truth: the minute you bow your head to pray is the moment God lifts his hand to help.

    Queen Esther learned this truth firsthand. When confronted with a royal decree that would annihilate her people, she had to make some tough choices. Would she remain silent in the face of this challenge, or would she speak up? Would she blend in, or would she stand out? But after Esther spent three days in prayer and fasting, God gave her the courage to speak up. God used her to save the nation. And God can do the same with you.

    In You Were Made for This Moment, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado will help you:

    *put your hope in the God of grand reversals, trusting that God will right every wrong

    *cultivate courage for your challenging times by leaning on the God who redeems and restores

    *discover your role in God’s story by exploring how God can use your experiences and circumstances to join him in his holy work

    God never promised us a life without trials, but he does promise to be with us as we walk through them. Trust that he can redeem your struggles for a mighty purpose. You, friend, were made for this moment.

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  • Revolutionary Heroes : True Stories Of Courage From America’s Fight For Ind


    Introduce Young Readers to Inspiring Figures from Early American History

    We live in scary and unpredictable times, and times of crisis call for heroes. Despite our recent obsession with all things superhero, real heroes are just regular people who rise to the challenge when the going gets tough–like the people who won the American Revolutionary War.

    Some famous, some obscure, but all models of courage under fire, these ordinary people followed their convictions, took tremendous risks, and faced dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world. Now Pat Williams brings their stories to vivid life for children ages 9-12.

    These engaging stories of men, women, and even kids who showed courage despite overwhelming odds during America’s fight for freedom will inspire young readers to face their fears, take calculated risks, and imagine a better future for themselves and their country.

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  • Journals Of Jim Elliot


    Uncover the spiritual riches of the personal journals of missionary and martyr Jim Elliot

    Jim Elliot arrived in Ecuador as a missionary at age twenty-five. Three years later, he would become a martyr at the hands of the Auca, the indigenous people to whom he was witnessing. He left behind a young wife, a baby daughter, and an incredible legacy of faith.

    Jim’s volumes of personal journals, written over many years, reveal the inner struggles and victories that he experienced before his untimely death in 1956. In The Journals of Jim Elliot, you’ll come to know this intelligent and articulate man who yearned to know God’s plan for his life, detailed his fascinating missions work, and revealed his love for Elisabeth–first as a single man, then as a happily married one.

    Edited by his wife, Elisabeth, Jim’s personal yet universal musings about faith, love, and work will show you how to apply the Bible to the situations you face every day. They will inspire you to lead a life of obedience, regardless of the cost, and delight you with an amazing story of courage and determination.

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  • Light Of The Worls Coloring Art


    Relax, reflect, and create with these beautiful images to color and Bible verses to inspire. Each design will remind you of the light of God’s love. Beautiful Images. Meaningful Messages. Easily removed for display or framing.

    Relax, reflect, and create with these beautiful images to color and Bible verses to inspire. Each design will remind you of the light of God’s love. Beautiful Images. Meaningful Messages. Easily removed for display or framing.

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  • Sharpen Your Brain With Bible Puzzles


    You’ll find hours of fun with word searches, trivia, brain ticklers, and more! Challenging puzzles will refresh your knowledge of Scripture, Bible stories, people, places, and interesting facts. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to have fun as you sharpen your brain and your Bible knowledge, too.

    You’ll find hours of fun with word searches, trivia, brain ticklers, and more! Challenging puzzles will refresh your knowledge of Scripture, Bible stories, people, places, and interesting facts. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to have fun as you sharpen your brain and your Bible knowledge, too.

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  • Chicken Soup For The Soul All You Need Is Love


    All You Need Is Love – it’s a common cliche and a popular, iconic song. But is it true? Is love really all you need? The writers of these 101 true, inspirational stories answer that question with a resounding “YES!”

    You won’t be able to put down these heartwarming and inspirational stories of dating and romance, proposals and weddings, serendipity and destiny. Whether you’re celebrating a longstanding relationship or still looking for your soul mate, these true, personal stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s library will leave you convinced that to live a fulfilling, happy life, all you really need is love.

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  • Body Revelation : Physical And Spiritual Practices To Metabolize Pain Banis


    Do you sometimes feel as though your body is a problem to solve? Discover how to make it part of the solution instead. It’s now known that the emotional and relational pain we’ve lived through has a profound negative physical effect on our bodies. Alisa Keeton, popular fitness professional, proposes that the reverse is also true: What we do with our bodies can have a dramatic positive effect on our emotions, relationships, and our connection with God. In The Body Revelation, she shows us how to use our bodies as a means of healing past pain and promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

    Too often, people of faith are taught to ignore, avoid, or forget our bodies, but Alisa reminds us that God calls our bodies good and cares about our pain. Offering a variety of physical and spiritual practices as well as stories from her own journey, Alisa:

    *walks us through six steps for metabolizing personal pain;

    *shows us how understanding the mind/body/soul connection can help us make healthier choices;

    *teaches us how to achieve well-being and live for more than a number on a scale, and more!

    Other features of this book include:

    *adverse childhood experiences questionnaire for helping you process past pain
    *movement calendar
    *food journal template

    You can enrich your life, celebrate your body, and find holistic wellness. Journey alongside Alisa, and discover scientifically based, biblically-sound mind-body tools to forever change how you process pain so that you can experience emotional freedom, physical renewal, and spiritual transformation.

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  • Little Red Book Of Wisdom Updated And Expanded Edition


    The search for wisdom invariably leads us back to the places we’ve overlooked. If you’re seeking simplicity in a complicated world, Mark DeMoss’ insights will illuminate your path to a wiser and more deliberate way of living. Exploring the notions of integrity, humility, and self-restraint, DeMoss demonstrates what is possible when we value listening and thinking over talking and doing.

    Now updated and expanded with fresh insights, the bestselling The Little Red Book of Wisdom is an easy-to-read collection of inspirational nuggets of wisdom that will uplift and encourage you from the very first page. With more than 100,000 copies sold, this amazing little book offers 25 chapters of tried-and-true advice and tips to give you a new perspective that will enrich your life at home, in your relationships, and throughout your career. For example, you’ll:

    *Learn why a postage stamp is worth much more than its face value, and what time of day wisdom flourishes.

    *Find out the wisest decision anyone can make, and the value of eating lunch alone.

    *Rethink the advantages of technology, and learn how to safeguard yourself against any shadow of deathbed regret.

    The Little Red Book of Wisdom makes a great gift for graduation, birthdays, and the holidays.

    Step out of the incessant business of your daily life, and spend a few moments learning timeless and foolproof truths that you can apply right away. Wisdom is not just for past generations; it calls to you today. You only need to respond.

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  • Trade Your Cares For Calm


    Are you ready to worry less and trust more? The path to peace is paved with prayer. New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by anxiety. The Trade Your Cares for Calm card deck includes 30 cards with 60 inspirational messages–Scripture and comforting quotes from Max.

    These beautiful double-sided cards are:

    *Packaged in a sturdy, lidded box.
    *Quick reminders to exchange the cares of this world for the peace God has promised.
    *Visuals that can be displayed on your desk, bedside table, mantel, or nearby your favorite chair.

    Trade Your Cares for Calm card deck is a great gift for any occasion and fits perfectly in a gift basket. You can also leave little notes of encouragement to your loved ones by leaving a card on your spouse’s mirror, in a card to a loved one, or on your coworker’s desk.

    Rather than react to circumstances with clenched hands, reach out to the Father with outstretched arms. He’s waiting to catch you, take hold of your anxieties, and in the process, trade your cares for calm.

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  • 31 Cozy Home Ideas


    Are you looking for cozy decorating ideas or budget friendly DIY projects to create a beautiful and inviting home? Do-it-yourself interior designer and popular blogger Liz Marie Galvan invites you to try her collection of easy-to-recreate decorating ideas in 31 Cozy Home Ideas.

    This interior design card deck is a fun way to create an inspiration board or project to-do list.
    The deck includes:

    *DIY projects and QR codes for online tutorials.

    *A free cozy photo preset.

    *Beautiful full-color images.

    *Inspiration for door decor, architectural salvage, farmhouse style, storage solutions, outdoor projects, and more.

    *Creative ways to display your collectibles and bring cozy cottage style into your home.

    31 Cozy Home Ideas is a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day or as a beautiful yet practical housewarming gift.

    A cozy enthusiast living in an 1800s farmhouse, Liz’s design tips and wisdom have been featured on the TODAY show, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Living. With helpful online tutorials for projects and easy-to-follow decorating tips, Liz helps you create a warm living space.

    Look for more of Liz’s cozy DIY inspiration and home decor tips in Cozy White Cottage and Cozy White Seasons.

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  • Color And Grace Jesus And Lemonade Sweeten My Days


    Find refreshment in Jesus, lemonade, and coloring!

    When your soul is thirsty, Jesus is with you at the well. His grace has a way of transforming what seem like ordinary water and sour lemons into the sweetest lemonade. Every page of Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days is a reminder of that truth and the many ways that faith (along with a healthy sense of humor) can make all the difference in your days. So, sharpen the points of your colored pencils or crayons (not your tongue) and give yourself the gift of set-apart time for coloring.

    – Find your happy place in the Son as you get creative with more than 35 pretty illustrations

    – Fill up with gratitude for simple, summery pleasures–from seashells and swings to watermelons and sunsets

    – Drink in goodness from your pretty insulated cup and the fun, faith-filled messages inside this coloring book

    – Remember that God is with you on every page and in all seasons

    – Share your inspired creations with your friends in faith

    No matter what the day brings, Jesus & Lemonade Sweeten My Days will remind you how sweet it is to trust in Jesus. Color and refill your cup!

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  • 101 Hymn Stories 40th Anniversary Edition


    This book shares the inspiring true stories behind 101 favorite hymns. With a collection of uplifting, informative hymn stories, 101 Hymn Stories includes each hymn’s full text and musical score, as well as information about the author, composer, and Scripture that inspired the song.

    Some of the hymns included are:

    * A Mighty Fortress * Amazing Grace * Fairest Lord Jesus * Holy, Holy, Holy * How Great Thou Art * It Is Well with My Soul * Jesus Loves Me * Rock of Ages * Silent Night * The Old Rugged Cross

    Excellent for uses like devotional reading, sermon illustrations, and bulletin inserts, as well as historical or biographical research, 101 Hymn Stories has been a beloved resource for forty years. Now a new generation can discover the beautiful foundations of faith upon which these songs were built.

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  • Revolutionary Heroes : True Stories Of Courage From America’s Fight For Ind


    Introduce Young Readers to Inspiring Figures from Early American History

    We live in scary and unpredictable times, and times of crisis call for heroes. Despite our recent obsession with all things superhero, real heroes are just regular people who rise to the challenge when the going gets tough–like the people who won the American Revolutionary War.

    Some famous, some obscure, but all models of courage under fire, these ordinary people followed their convictions, took tremendous risks, and faced dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world. Now Pat Williams brings their stories to vivid life for children ages 9-12.

    These engaging stories of men, women, and even kids who showed courage despite overwhelming odds during America’s fight for freedom will inspire young readers to face their fears, take calculated risks, and imagine a better future for themselves and their country.

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  • Look For Me There


    Embark on an exploration of finding oneself and one’s place in the world in the face of crushing expectations and grief.

    In 2016, eight years into a highly successful television career as a political reporter, Luke Russert realized he had no good answer to the question of why he was following in the footsteps of his famous father. As the son of the late broadcast news legend Tim Russert and journalist Maureen Orth, he knew much was expected of him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t fully connect with the memory of his dad and the incredible relationship they’d had before his death.

    Determined to find answers, Luke chose a new path. What began as a short stint away from work turned into nearly three years on the road, traveling the world, reconnecting to his father, and discovering himself for the first time.

    Look for Me There is the narrative of that journey with stories from stops in far-flung places around the globe, both exotic and quotidian. At its center, you’ll find:

    *the story of a young man taking agency of his life
    *the story of a man understanding his mother as human being, and
    *the story of a son finally grieving his larger-than-life father who died too young and left him with outsized expectations.

    For anyone uncertain about the direction of their life or unsure of how to move forward after a loss, Look for Me There is a poignant reflection that offers encouragement to examine our choices, take risks, and discover our truest selves.

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  • Bible Word Searches


    Bible Sudoku is the ideal screen-free entertainment for people of all ages. This book offers 100 sudoku puzzles spanning five levels of difficulty, with Bible clues for beginners and challenging brain teasers for experts. There’s no need to be a math genius or sudoku master – all you need is your Bible.

    The softcover book features a teal cover design with a white sudoku sample page. The title is presented in bold yellow and white letters.

    Bible Sudoku

    From Beginner to Master

    The interior pages are white and printed in black. The book features 100 sudoku problems to solve. Clues from the Bible make puzzles easily solvable for beginners, while sudoku masters will find their skills challenged with tricky brain teasers. Answers to all puzzles are also included.

    Sudoku has been proven to help improve concentration, memory recall, and critical and logical thinking. It also reduces stress and anxiety while developing problem-solving skills.

    Whether you’re a first-time sudoku player or a seasoned veteran seeking a new challenge, Bible Sudoku promises to give your brain the mental exercise it craves. Bible Sudoko also serves as a thoughtful gesture for hospital visits, offering a bit of intellectual entertainment during recovery. Furthermore, it fits snugly as a stocking stuffer and makes a great Secret Santa gift. So why not ensure you have enough copies of Bible Sudoku on hand to spread a bit of cerebral joy this holiday season?

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  • Bible Word Searches


    Bible Word Searches features 100 fun and fascinating word searches that range from easy to tricky and cover biblical topics from Genesis to Revelation-the perfect entertainment for a quiet evening at home or screen-free activity for kids.

    The book’s cover sports a grayscale and red theme, showcasing a sample word search on the front. The title and subtitle are prominently displayed in striking yellow and white letters.

    Bible Word Searches

    100 fun and faith-filled word searches

    The interior pages are white, printed in black, and contain 100 captivating word searches. These puzzles vary in difficulty and cover biblical topics from Genesis to Revelation. Not only will you relax and unwind as you search for the words, but you will also discover interesting facts about Bible times, places, and people. Each word search has a Scripture verse to reflect on, and as an added bonus, trivia questions have been scattered throughout for an extra challenge. If you’re stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry; all solutions are provided at the back of the book.

    Work your way through Bible Word Searches to keep your mind sharp and develop your problem-solving, spelling, and investigation skills. At the same time, you’ll enhance your knowledge, vocabulary, concentration, patience, and persistence.

    Consider gifting Bible Word Searches to a grandmother or mother as a birthday present, or share it with a friend recovering from an illness as a fun distraction. It also serves as an excellent activity book to occupy young minds in church. Bible Word Searches offers stress relief and cognitive stimulation for all ages.

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  • Me Myself And Pie


    Life is better with pie! Make special occasions, holidays, and family time extra memorable with this card deck of 30 simple, straightforward recipes that will help bakers bring their families together around the table.

    This baker-friendly card deck of Sherry Gore’s beloved Amish pie recipes includes:

    *30 sturdy cards with easy-to-read directions.
    *full-color photography on each card.
    *simple, wholesome ingredients from crust to topping.
    *easy to make and bake desserts, such as banana cream pie, blackberry pie, chocolate marshmallow pie, and more.

    The Me, Myself, and Pie card deck makes a great gift for:

    *Housewarming parties and open house celebrations.
    *birthdays and teacher appreciation.
    *Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or the holidays.

    Whether you’re serving classic key lime pie or party pie pops, this handy collection of recipes is a delicious way to bring a little comfort to the table.

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  • Morning And Evening Devotional On Peace And Comfort Large Print Word Search


    Enjoy 100 easy-to-read, large print word searches from “the Prince of Preachers”!
    Morning & Evening Devotional on Peace and Comfort Large Print Word Search features the inspirational words of Charles H. Spurgeon from his classic devotional.

    In the 1800s, Spurgeon’s compelling sermons and lively preaching style drew multitudes of people, resulting in many coming to Christ. He preached to an estimated ten million people throughout his life and at one point, his sermons sold 25,000 copies every week! Morning & Evening remains one of his most popular works today.

    These selections from Spurgeon’s classic devotional are sure to bring a calming balm to your heart as you discover more about God and His promises.

    Word search puzzles are a fun, relaxing way to pass the time, whether you are waiting for a friend or just need some stress relief. Word searches can also improve your vocabulary and spelling, develop pattern recognition skills, and keep your memory sharp.

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  • Love Is Never Lost


    Grief is an intimate, personal pain that is often hard to discuss, even years after loss. For some of us, grief begins before a loved one passes as we watch their health deteriorate before our eyes.

    For Tori Parris, grief grew in waves that hit suddenly and hard. It began with a little nagging feeling that something was wrong one evening when her daddy didn’t finish his spaghetti, his favorite meal. His strawberry cheesecake sat untouched. He reassured Tori that he was fine, that he just didn’t have much of an appetite, but over the next few weeks, he hardly ate a thing. Her momma finally demanded that they go to the doctor’s office.

    After some tests, they heard the dreaded “c” word. Pancreatic cancer. And it had spread to other organs.

    In Love Is Never Lost: Standing Strong in Faith While Grieving, Tori shares her profound journey of holding on to faith while dealing with loss. “My faith was challenged, deconstructed, and rebuilt stronger,” she says.

    Tori offers words of comfort to those who are preparing for a loss, experiencing loss, or seeking to better understand the pain a loved one is going through. She provides suggestions for coping with grief as well as prayers that guide one spiritually through the grieving process.

    “One day, we will all come face to face with the certainty of our mortality,” Tori writes. “It is my sincerest hope that by reading the pages of this book, you receive hope for the journey.”

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  • 100 Days Of Cultivating Kindness


    A 100-day guide to becoming contagiously kind in order to change the world. Do you know what happens when you fight fire with fire? You get more fire. Violence breeds violence, and contempt breeds contempt… so what does kindness breed? In 100 Days of Cultivating Kindness, Dr. Tony Evans lays out a case for turning the world upside down by cultivating and expressing contagious kindness. He invites readers to develop a passion for this simple fruit of the Spirit and observe its life-changing power. Readers will learn that while paradigms and perspectives only become more entrenched through opposition, they can break the mold with an open hand and a courageous heart… and take an active part in shaping the future of their communities, their country, and the world.

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  • Made From Scratch


    “All you have is all you need,” is the life lesson entrepreneur Mignon Franois learned as she turned the $5 she had to feed her family dinner for the week into a multi-million-dollar bakery brand. With no experience and no recipe for success, or cake for that matter, her path was truly made from scratch.

    In Made from Scratch: Finding Success Without a Recipe, Mignon shares her story of climbing out of a life of continuous upsets, struggle, and lack to building a legacy that would bless her and future generations.

    Made from Scratch is one woman’s story of finding her purpose with no blueprint, mapping a journey that led to the joy that has become synonymous with Mignon Franois.

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  • Prodigals : Finding Home When We’ve Lost The Way


    The most famous story of Jesus retold Prodigals digs deeply into each line from Jesus’s famous parable about the prodigal son, inviting all readers–those down on their luck or high on their horse–to identify as prodigals. A prodigal is anyone who accepts they have a sinful human nature and turns toward the love of home, the place where we find a deeper relationship with God.

    Rather than divide the world into prodigals and nonprodigals, Taylor invites readers to find themselves in the teaching of Jesus as either younger or elder siblings. The life-changing power of the book comes when readers begin to identify with the characters in the story and join in the prayers and calls for transformation that conclude the chapters.

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  • Facing The Mirror 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition (Expanded)


    Look in the mirror of God’s Word to see a whole new you!

    Standing in front of her own mirror, Daphne Delay learned a valuable lesson. She learned how the richness of our righteousness in Jesus Christ will change everything you see. Now, she encourages you to look in your mirror to find the same freedom!

    In Facing the Mirror, Daphne shares how each of us is our own worst enemy and biggest critic. We are quick to judge our reflections and harshly zero in on our shortcomings, mistakes, and insecurities. Worst yet, the critical baggage we carry stifles our God-given destiny-all because we don’t love our own reflection.

    Daphne explains how to squelch the devil’s lies and rise above misconceptions that hold you back from living in the freedom Jesus provided for you. In this revealing message, you will:

    Discover the truth about God and yourself.Drop the baggage that holds you back.Learn how righteousness changes you from the inside out.Meet the real you-despite what you’ve been through.Pinpoint the lies that have held you back.

    In Facing the Mirror, you will come to see the you God sees and find the freedom and liberty to be all He has made you to be!

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  • When Your Days Are Dark God Is Still Good


    “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

    It’s easy to see the work of God’s hands when things are going right-a promotion, a new baby, or a financial windfall. But what about when things go wrong? How could God possibly make good out of illness, death, or betrayal?

    In his letter to the Romans, St. Paul boldly asserts that God uses all the circumstances of our lives-good and bad-to express his love for us. In When Your Days Are Dark, God Is Still Good, Gary Zimak-author of the bestselling and award-winning Give Up Worry for Lent!-shares personal stories and scripture narratives to show you that God is not only present in your pain but also uses your pain to transform you into a holier, more compassionate person.

    St. Paul’s confidence was born of conviction as one who had endured great suffering for the Gospel-and had found God faithful. Zimak looks at the story of Paul and other biblical figures in both the Old and New Testaments to show how God used their painful circumstances to bring about good, including:

    *Adam and Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil-God didn’t abandon them, but sent his Son to undo their disobedience;

    *The death of Lazarus-Jesus’s miracle of raising Lazarus brought many to believe in him;

    *The disciples on the road to Emmaus were lamenting the death of Jesus-they met the risen Lord, whom they did not know until he broke bread and gave it to them;

    *Hagar, the maid of Abraham’s wife Sarah, is used to give Abraham a son-though she was cast out by Sarah, God made her son the founder of a great nation;

    *Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who suffered religious persecution at the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon-God kept them unharmed when they were thrown into a fire for not bowing to a golden image. Their safety caused the conversion of the king; and

    *The apostles in the upper room in fear after Jesus’s death and Resurrection-Jesus visited them in the locked room and brought the gift of peace through the Holy Spirit.

    Each chapter includes questions for reflection and a prayer.

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  • Serenity In The Storm


    Kayleigh McEnany brings to life the key cultural and political issues of our time, from the fall of Afghanistan to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision, analyzing world events through the lens of faith and providing readers with Serenity in the Storm.

    Our world, without question, is experiencing aberrational times. The ravages and life-altering realities of COVID-19 that I worked through as White House press secretary were just the start of it. What followed was a series of history-defining events. From the fall of Afghanistan to the nationwide crime wave, we’ve all endured painful images of death, destruction, and chaos.

    Meanwhile, radical teachings on gender and race have infiltrated our nation’s schools, poisoning the minds of our children–all at a time when our country feels more divided than ever before. Along with these twenty-first century realities can come a feeling of despair and discouragement. Indeed, I hear it all the time as I crisscross the country: Americans feel disheartened and seek hope.

    Serenity in the Storm provides that hope. Despite the challenges we face, there is cause for great optimism for men and women of faith. In Afghanistan, the underground church is thriving. On the key issues of life and liberty, the Supreme Court of the United States has delivered enormous and consequential victories. In our schools, voters have spoken unmistakably against the insidious doctrines of critical race and gender theory. There is no doubt that God is at work as He hears the prayers of the faithful!

    Taking a similar format to my New York Times bestselling book, For Such a Time as This, I analyze our domestic and international challenges through the lens of faith. Though we have lived through dark times and unsettled waters, the storms we face have prompted many great leaders to rise to the moment and have left a yearning in the human heart for a Savior, Jesus Christ, who is walking alongside us every step of the way.

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  • Qualified : You Are More Impressive Than You Realize


    Is it possible to chase your dreams in the face of rejection and self-doubt? CEO of College Magazine Amanda Nachman is here to share: “You are more qualified than you realize.”

    There was a time when Amanda Nachman didn’t believe in herself. It wasn’t until she cast aside her soul-sucking 9-5 job that she was able to discover a life of true purpose.

    In #Qualified: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize, Amanda shares her journey from working a job she hated to transforming her side hustle, College Magazine, into her main hustle. The key was uncovering her passion, rather than settling into the first hamster wheel of employment she could find. Today, Amanda is the CEO and publisher of College Magazine, reaching 9 million students across 200 college campuses.

    #Qualified reminds readers that it’s never too late to hit the pause button and follow their passion. Amanda outlines how to build a “qualified” mindset and skill set that includes:

    *The 3 Actions for a #Qualified Mindset
    *How to Establish WTF You Want to Do
    *How to Interview Like a Boss
    *Why Podcasting Is the Perfect Excuse to Interview Your Dream Mentors
    *How to Glow Up Your Strengths
    *Why to Apply Before They’re Even Looking
    *A Professional DM Every Day Keeps The Real World Fears Awa?y
    *Step-by-Step Tutorial for Building a Personal Brand

    By equipping individuals to go after what they want, #Qualified is the essential resource for anyone ready to achieve the life of their dreams.

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  • Devotions And Prayers For A Resilient Heart


    Are you. . .

    Each of the devotions and prayers in this inspiring book will remind you of all the reasons it’s possible (and important!) to be a strong and capable woman of God.

    With the Strength-Giver Himself by your side, you can live each day as it comes–ready for the unexpected.

    With each turn of the page, you’ll pave a path to resilient living!

    Topics include:

    *God’s Plans
    *God’s Promises
    *And more!

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  • Jumbo Bible Word Search Fun


    Spend your down time productively with a Bible word search!

    Enhance your Bible knowledge and your puzzle-solving skills with Jumbo Bible Word Search Fun. Here are more than 170 puzzles covering the fascinating people and places, times and teachings, objects and oddities of the Bible. Discover:

    *Ezekiel’s Vision
    *Gates in the Bible
    *the Burning Bush
    *Satanic Synonyms
    *Fives in the Bible
    *King David’s Victories
    *the Whole Armour of God
    *and much more!

    Perfect for puzzle lovers of all ages, Jumbo Bible Word Search Fun promises hours of wholesome fun!

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  • Eloquence Of Silence


    A 30-year bestselling author and teacher makes a provocative and compelling case for an easier, lighter way of moving through life and the world by embracing the peace, calm, and spaciousness of emptiness

    Emptiness tends to get a bad rap, often connoting lack. But revered author Thomas Moore learned a different lesson about emptiness when he first went on a book tour to promote his Care of the Soul. The book went on to become a classic bestseller, but at first Moore was often met by empty bookstores, devoid of the hundreds who would soon crowd his appearances. Moore learned a lesson in what is known in Indian philosophy as sunyata, a way of observing and even embracing emptiness. Of course we’d all prefer immediate praise and recognition. But life does not work that way. As Moore eloquently expresses, drawing on spiritual traditions, folktales, literature, and his own life, spaces of emptiness or lack are often our greatest teachers. The blank spaces in a work of art or piece of music, or the arid bits of a landscape, are every bit as eloquent as the more crowded.

    Moore gently prods us to consider that our constant multitasking may not be getting us anywhere. Listening to a podcast while taking a walk, or scanning an email while pushing a baby stroller, may mean missing the heart and soul of what is all around us, available to us anytime, no matter our circumstances. The awareness and embrace of the ubiquitous emptiness in our world and in our own lives, the daily recognition of quiet spaciousness, is not a retreat from reality but a rich and full welcome to all that is most meaningful and real.

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  • Song And A Prayer


    Breathe new life into your prayer time with musically inspired devotionals from country star Loretta Lynn that bring together song, reflection, and the beauty of God’s Word.

    It’s been over sixty years since Loretta Lynn first rose to stardom, transforming from a coal miner’s daughter to the Queen of Country Music. Toward the end of her long and storied life, she felt led to write this book as parting words to her fans inviting them to draw close to God.

    In A Song and A Prayer, she joins award-winning songwriter Kim McLean to share Bible verses and lyrics from their songwriting sessions that will help you experience and maintain an intimate, one-on-one relationship with God. These 30 devotionals, which include Loretta’s hit “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and traditional hymns such as “It Is Well,” will remind you of the depths of God’s love and the joy that comes from worshipping with music.

    Share in Loretta and Kim’s passion for spending quality time with God with this month-long celebration of God’s love.

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  • Finding The Peacemakers


    When thirty-three Chilean miners stepped into the light, alive and well, after sixty-nine days entombed in the earth, the world experienced a rare treat – some good news. Was this an anomaly, or are there other untapped glimmers of hope, hidden behind the headlines?

    Armed with a camera, a notebook, and a perilous sense of curiosity, Dan Morrice embarks upon a global journey to meet the peacemakers – unsung heroes, forging peace in extreme environments, from war-torn nations to disaster zones.

    From Chilean miners to Syrian refugees, from ex-football hooligans in Britain, to revolutionaries in Israel-Palestine, Dan discovers how the most unlikely people are rediscovering Christian faith and rewriting the fractured history of our time. At the apex of his journey, Dan’s interviews lead him on a five-hundred-mile walk across the Negev Desert to find their source of hope first-hand.

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  • Chicken Scratch : Lessons On Living Creatively From A Flock Of Hens


    Creativity comes into play in just about any field. Looking at situations from different perspectives, finding new uses for old things, combining disparate ideas or ingredients or even colors–all are creative endeavors. And when writer Ann Byle became a chicken owner, she began to look at her hens with new interest and the keen eye of an artist. Even though chicken-tending proved to have its own challenges, Byle discovered that her feathered friends offered surprising lessons and inspiration for her own work, lessons on living creatively.

    With Chicken Scratch, Ann Byle brings us good fun and meaning-making at the intersection of creative living and our egg-laying friends. She mixes quotes, stories from all kinds of creatives, and practical advice to help all of us invested in living more creatively. Drawing inspiration from her flock of hens, Byle explores curiosity and courage, embracing your creative self and letting go of what holds you back, and living well in the creative life. Each chapter includes questions for journaling, next-steps-in-creativity exercises, and a sidebar from “The Left-Brain Chicken,” putting solid process-related steps to each chapter.

    The creative life can be profound, but also funny, exasperating, and downright weird–much like living with a flock of hens. If we take the time to notice, we have much to learn from our beloved chickens, things like the value of curiosity, how we might welcome challenges in our lives, and even when to let go of perfectionism. It’s time to name our creative impulses, to claim them, and to squawk them from the rooftops!

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  • Habit Of Poetry


    Something of a minor literary renaissance happened in midcentury America from an unexpected source. Nuns were writing poetry and being published and praised in secular venues. Their literary moment has faded into history, but it is worth revisiting.

    The literary creations of poetic priests like Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., and Robert Southwell, S.J. have been both a blessing and a burden–creating the sense that male clergy alone have written substantial work. But Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, the 17th century Mexican poet-nun famous for her iconic verses and trailblazing sense of the role of religious creative women, set the literary precedent for pious work from women.

    Sister Mary Bernetta Quinn, a critic and poet, was praised by Flannery O’Connor and kept long correspondences with many of the best poets of her generation. Carmelite nun Sister Jessica Powers published widely. Sister M. Madeleva Wolff, poet and university president, transformed Catholic higher education.

    The Habit of Poetry brings together these women and others. Their poetry is devotional and deft, complex and contemplative. This mid-20th century renaissance by nun poets is more than a literary footnote; it is a case study in how women negotiate tradition and individual creativity.

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  • Tell Me The Dream Again


    “I’ve always felt unfit as a Korean but somehow too Korean everywhere else.”

    Tasha Jun has always been caught between worlds: American and Korean, faith and doubt, family devotion and fierce independence. As a Korean American, she wandered between seemingly opposing worlds, struggling to find a voice to speak and a firm place for her feet to land.

    The world taught Tasha that her Korean normal was a barrier to belonging–that assimilation was the only way she would ever be truly accepted. But if that were true, did that mean God had made a mistake in knitting her together?

    Told with tender honesty and compelling prose, Tell Me the Dream Again is a memoir-in-essays exploring

    *what it means to be biracial in America today
    *the joy and healing that comes with embracing every part of who we are, and
    *how our identity in Christ is tightly woven with the unique colors, scents, and culture he’s given us.

    We are not outsiders to God. When we let all the details of ourselves unfold–when we embrace who we were divinely knit together to be–this is when we’ll fully experience his perfect love.

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  • Canary In The Coal Mine


    One doctor’s courageous fight to save a small town from a silent epidemic that threatened the community’s future-and exposed a national health crisis.

    When Dr. Will Cooke, an idealistic young physician just out of medical training, set up practice in the small rural community of Austin, Indiana, he had no idea that much of the town was being torn apart by poverty, addiction, and life-threatening illnesses. But he soon found himself at the crossroads of two unprecedented health-care disasters: a national opioid epidemic and the worst drug-fueled HIV outbreak ever seen in rural America.

    Confronted with Austin’s hidden secrets, Dr. Cooke decided he had to do something about them. In taking up the fight for Austin’s people, however, he would have to battle some unanticipated foes: prejudice, political resistance, an entrenched bureaucracy-and the dark despair that threatened to overwhelm his own soul. : Canary in the Coal Mine is a gripping account of the transformation of a man and his adopted community, a compelling and ultimately hopeful read in the vein of Hillbilly Elegy, Dreamland, and Educated.

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  • Elisabeth Elliot : A Life


    Follow the faith-filled journey of Elisabeth Elliot, who was born to missionary parents, married to Jim, and ministered to the Ecuadorian Waorani tribe after they killed her husband. Austen shares the moving life-story of one woman’s obedience to Christ that will strengthen your devotion—and challenge you to ponder what it really means to follow Jesus.

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  • It Was An Ugly Couch Anyway


    A collection of refreshingly honest and hilarious essays from Southern Living columnist Elizabeth Passarella about navigating change–whether emotional or logistical–and staying sane during life’s unexpected twists and turns.

    After Elizabeth Passarella and her husband finally decided that it was time to sell their two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, she found herself wondering, Is there a proper technique for skinning a couch? The couch in question was a beloved hand-me-down from her father–who had recently passed away–and she was surprisingly reluctant to let the nine-foot, plaid, velour-covered piece of furniture go. So, out came the scissors. She kept the fabric and tossed the couch.

    We’ve all had to make decisions in our lives about what to keep and what to toss–habits, attitudes, friends, even homes. In this new collection of essays, Elizabeth explores the ups and downs of moving forward–both emotionally and logistically–with her welcome candor and sense of humor that readers have come to love. She enters into a remarkable (and strange) relationship with an elderly neighbor whose apartment she hopes to buy, examines her own stubborn stances on motherhood and therapy, and tries to come to terms with a family health crisis that brings more questions than answers. Along the way Elizabeth reminds readers that when they feel stuck or their load feels heavy, there is always light breaking in somewhere.

    It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway will make readers laugh, cry, and feel a little less alone as they navigate their own lives that are filled with uncertainty, change, and things beyond their control.

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  • Let Freedom Ring


    Celebrate the land of the free with patriotic art to color with Kimma Parish’s Let Freedom Ring…

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  • Shattered : A Son Picks Up The Pieces Of His Father’s Rage


    A sensitive and penetrating reflection on coming of age in a Dutch immigrant family scarred by violence

    Arthur Boers’s earliest memory was of shattered glass. His father threw a potted plant at his mother, and she ducked as the plant crashed through a window of the family home. His mother cleaned up the shards that day; later in life, he would find himself called upon to pick up the pieces as well.

    In Shattered, Boers reflects on coming of age in a family scarred by violence. The son of Dutch immigrants, Boers illuminates the generational trauma of the Nazi occupation of Holland, refracted in vignettes of his boyhood in postwar Canada. His hard-working, Calvinist family is endearing, but ultimately unable or unwilling to address the insidious cycle of abuse that passed father to son. Breaking with this silence and complicity, Boers reflects candidly and empathetically on his tumultuous relationship with his father. Intertwined with this narrative is his emerging vocation to ministry, more mystical and expressive than the Reformed tradition in which he was raised.

    Forthright and authentic, Boers extends a hand in solidarity to readers who have been wounded by those who were meant to protect them the most. With Shattered, he charts a path toward healing through faith.

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  • 4 Habits Of Joy Filled People


    Is joy the icing on the cake of life–or the fuel on which it runs?

    Are some people just born happy? Most of us grew up thinking that joy is random and fleeting, instead of something we can actually count on or build our life around. But brain science has revealed that joy is the perfect word to describe the fuel on which our brains run. So how do we live a joy-filled life?

    Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey show us how to build habits that fill our lives with greater joy and satisfaction. Based on the latest neuroscience and attachment theory–but written in everyday language–The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People is practical and easy to comprehend. The authors provide exercises and tools you can put into practice immediately.

    Joy is possible. It doesn’t have to be a random experience that catches you off guard now and then. Some of the most joyful people have endured unbelievable trauma.

    Joy-filled living expands our world. It makes life an adventure and teaches us to live for what is truly satisfying. Discover the skills and habits you can develop that will enhance your very quality of life.

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  • Go Outside : And 19 Other Keys To Thriving In Your 20s


    We all wish we could go back.

    In Go Outside, Jared and Becky Wilson imagine the advice they’d give if they could travel back in time. Like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, as we get older, we lament and regret the desires and behaviors of our youth. But what if you could avoid some of the pitfalls and pain so many people experience?

    After 25 years of marriage and even more years following Jesus, Jared and Becky provide vital words of wisdom and encouragement to make the season of your youth a time of joy and fruitful investment in the future. You can build your legacy now based on this important biblical counsel. Filled with warmth and personal stories, the Wilsons explore topics such as:

    *You’ll never regret time spent with Jesus
    *Church membership isn’t optional
    *Chasing your dreams is overrated
    *Take care of your mind and body
    *Never try to be the expert in the room
    *Learn to be friends with Jesus
    *If you want to live the eternal kind of life, center on the gospel
    *Go Outside. . . and much, much more

    This book includes twenty short chapters that will set–or keep–your story on the right track. Read it with friends and share it with the ones you love.

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  • Big Bible Book Of Games


    Challenges and Games from All Books of the Bible

    Ready to test your knowledge of Scripture and learn more of God’s Word? Then you’re ready for The Big Bible Book of Games!

    From Guinness World Records Puzzle Master Timothy E. Parker, this brand-new collection of puzzles, trivia, and brain teasers is sure to provide hours of entertainment. The hundreds of games include

    – word searches
    – sudoku
    – mazes
    – true or false
    – word scrambles
    – anagrams
    – fill-in-the-blank
    – and more

    There’s no better way to combine fun, relaxation, and education than with games.

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  • Midlife Battle Cry


    In a culture where so many people think of middle age as a downward slope into comfy sneakers and quiet, meaningless existence, we can redefine the second half of life, shaping it into decades of fulfillment, fun, strength, and purpose.

    In our forties, fifties, and beyond, we’re wrestling with new questions. Is this it? Did I do what I wanted to do in my life? Who am I now that my kids have moved out? Will my sagging skin eventually hang all the way down to my feet? We feel a little like the world has nudged us aside for the younger crowd.

    But God still has much in store for us.

    God doesn’t bring us to the middle of our lives so we can park in front of the TV and binge-watch home makeover shows. There is no “midlife” to him! We are his gift to this world at every age and in every season, and it’s time to embrace it like never before. Right now, we are the best we’ve ever been. We know more, we’ve done more, we’ve lost and loved more. We’ve figured out that all tweezers are not created equal for chin hairs and, best of all, we’ve crossed into a space of feeling more ourselves than ever before. These are exhilarating and empowering years.

    In Midlife Battle Cry, bestselling author Dawn Barton will inspire you to:

    *realize that God isn’t done with you (honestly, he’s just getting started),
    *view midlife as a pivot point, the start of a bold and powerful season,
    *embrace who you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally,
    *learn to share your experiences and wisdom with a younger generation, and
    *accept that sometimes adding arch support to your cutest shoes is a really good idea.

    Blending lots of humor, honesty, stories, and insights, Dawn will walk you through redefining the mighty second half of life. It’s time to rediscover your passions, pursue your dreams–and know your actions can cause not just a ripple effect but a magnificent tidal wave.

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  • Stuff Id Only Tell God


    Welcome to your own little confession booth.

    What would you say if you were completely honest with yourself and with God? It’s time to find out.

    With daring questions, provocative lists, and quirky charts and illustrations, this journal is a place to record all the stuff you’d only tell God: ideas, beliefs, secrets, memories, wonderings, and wishes–things that might seem outlandish or outrageous to anyone else but are what make you you. You’ll find the space, the courage, and the help you need to unearth the real you, the you that is sometimes buried deep beneath a layer of self-protection.

    Where to begin? With your beautifully ruthless honesty.

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  • Stuff Id Only Tell God


    Welcome to your own little confession booth.

    What would you say if you were completely honest with yourself and with God? It’s time to find out.

    With daring questions, provocative lists, and quirky charts and illustrations, this journal is a place to record all the stuff you’d only tell God: ideas, beliefs, secrets, memories, wonderings, and wishes–things that might seem outlandish or outrageous to anyone else but are what make you you. You’ll find the space, the courage, and the help you need to unearth the real you, the you that is sometimes buried deep beneath a layer of self-protection.

    Where to begin? With your beautifully ruthless honesty.

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  • Rise Up Postcard Book


    Celebrate Black voices, culture, and history–and be inspired to stand boldly against injustice–with twenty-four colorable postcards to send to friends and family (or enjoy yourself!), from the creators of the Rise Up coloring book.

    Featuring inspirational quotes and beautiful artwork, this set of twenty-four detachable, colorable postcards invites you to draw strength, courage, and hope from a variety of inspiring quotes, including historical and contemporary Black voices, the Bible, and hymns. Quotes are from well-known voices like Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Maya Angelou, and Sojourner Truth; current leading antiracism educators and authors like Latasha Morrison and Jemar Tisby; Black spirituals and hymns; and Bible verses that uplift and encourage.

    Each card has a splash of metallic ink, so they are pretty enough to send as they are. That way, you can color them yourself or let the recipient have all the fun. You might even decide to keep them yourself to display in your home! Featuring illustrations by Black artists, these postcards are an exquisite celebration of Black culture, experience, and excellence.

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  • Everybody Come Alive


    Dazzling essays on faith, family, and being a Black woman in America that explore what we do with the legacies we inherit, the faith that shapes our responses, and how we rebuild our stories for those who come after us–from the author of the popular blog Black Coffee with White Friends

    On her blog, Marcie Alvis-Walker creates spaces for conversations about cultural norms, race, faith, and womanhood that encourage readers to unburden themselves of misconceptions they’ve inherited about the nature of God and their own identities.

    Now, in Everybody Come Alive, a deeply intimate and illuminating collection of lyrical essays, Alvis-Walker invites readers into stories and personal histories from her own life. She tells candidly of her experience as a curious daughter raised under the watchful eye of the matriarchs who came before her. Readers are transported into stories of family, loyalty, and ambition; of assimilation, self-preservation, and risk; of creativity and the exercise of freedom. These essays reveal a journey of both inheritance and creation-a grappling of the things we are given, the things we must carry, and the ways we co-create life anew for ourselves and our communities.

    “Let us rejoice let us rejoice let us rejoice,” Alvis-Walker writes. “On the bad days when no one speaks for us let us rejoice. On the long days when all seems to speak against us let us rejoice, and on the empty days when no one can see us let us rejoice let us rejoice.” Alvis-Walker’s unforgettable writing challenges readers to hold the contradictions that become inevitable and essential to every moment we encounter-moments that ultimately comprise the whole of our lives.

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