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Greg Gilbert

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  • Epic Story Of The Bible


    A Helpful Guide to Reading and Understanding the Bible

    Each year, many Christians set out to read through the Bible using one of countless reading plans, only to eventually abandon these plans after the detailed narratives, seemingly antiquated laws, or confusing prophecies leave them feeling lost. How can one make sense of a book written thousands of years ago?

    The Epic Story of the Bible serves as a field guide for readers embarking on a journey through Scripture. With an easy, conversational style, Greg Gilbert examines major themes woven throughout Scripture and shows readers how to understand its various genres, illustrating how the Bible is meant to be understood as one sweeping story. After reading this book, both new and seasoned Christians will feel better equipped to read the Bible from beginning to end.

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  • Can Women Be Pastors


    Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. Church Questions is a series by 9Marks that seeks to provide Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions about church life. Each booklet offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment.

    In this Church Questions booklet, Greg Gilbert answers the question Can women be pastors? Gilbert explains why God reserved the office of pastor and elder exclusively for men by examining the structures of authority God established from the very beginning. Focusing on texts in Genesis 1-3 and 1 Timothy 2, Gilbert makes a case for why God’s original design for church leadership is not arbitrary, but part of his good and beautiful plan.

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  • Assured : Discover Grace Let Go Of Guilt And Rest In Your Salvation


    Despite our professions of belief, our baptisms, and our membership in the church, many of us secretly wonder, Am I truly saved? We worry that our love for Jesus isn’t fervent enough (or isn’t as fervent as someone else’s). We worry that our faith isn’t strong enough. We struggle through the continuing presence of sin in our lives. All this steals the joy of our salvation and can lead us into a life characterized by legalism, perfectionism, and works righteousness–the very life Jesus freed us from at the cross!

    But Greg Gilbert has a message for the anxious believer–be assured. Assured that your salvation experience was real. Assured that your sins–past, present, and future–are forgiven. Assured that everyone stumbles. Assured that Jesus is not your judge but your advocate. With deep compassion, Gilbert comforts readers, encouraging them to release their guilt, shame, and anxiety to rejoice in and follow hard after the One who set them free.

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  • Gospel At Work


    Reclaim God’s vision for your life.

    Many Christians fall victim to one of two main problems when it comes to work: either they are idle in their work, or they have made an idol of it. Both of these mindsets are deadly misunderstandings of how God intends for us to think about our employment.

    In The Gospel at Work, Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert unpack the powerful ways in which the gospel can transform how we do what we do, releasing us from the cultural pressures of both an all-consuming devotion and a punch-in, punch-out mentality – in order to find the freedom of a work ethic rooted in serving Christ.

    You’ll find answers to some of the tough questions that Christians in the workplace often ask:

    -What factors should matter most in choosing a job?
    -What gospel principles should shape my thinking about how to treat my boss, my co- workers, and my employees?
    -Is full-time Christian work more valuable than my job?
    -Is it okay to be motivated by money?
    -How do you prioritize – or balance – work, family and church responsibilities?

    Solidly grounded in the gospel, The Gospel at Work confronts both our idleness at work and our idolatry of work with a challenge of its own – to remember that whom we work for is infinitely more important than what we do.

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  • Favor


    Many Christians are under the impression that God’s grace and his favor are two different things–that while his grace may be a gift, his favor is something we must earn. This misunderstanding has led to destructive teachings about “prosperity” and blessings, and ultimately to lives that feel unfulfilled and inadequate.

    Pastor Greg Gilbert puts favor back in its rightful place, as God’s gift through Jesus Christ. He shows how the favor that Jesus earned through his perfect life and sacrificial death becomes ours the moment we believe. Knowing we already have God’s favor frees us to live joyous lives no matter what our physical or material circumstances.

    For anyone who has felt beaten down by the burden of trying to earn God’s blessings, this book will provide you with a strong start on a life of confidence in God.

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  • If Your Baby Could Talk Would You Listen


    Listen Up, Your baby is talking! Mommy!! Daddy!! I don’t know where this is coming from but I feel I have this one opportunity to talk to you before I am really supposed to talk. Please pay attention because once I go to sleep I will forget all of this. After you read this, the rest is up to you. Listen closely!! Love, Your baby

    “I appreciate the book. In a day when marriages are falling apart and kids are being left to deal with the collateral damage, it’s good to know somebody cares. I love your perspective. Someone needs to speak for the children. I feel you did that quite well in your writing. I pray everyone will be blessed, and their families strengthened by the book.” Dr. James Payne, James Payne Ministries, Tennessee “If Your Baby Could Talk should be mandatory reading. It is a prescription for accountability and success – a unique checklist for all ages and stages of parenthood.” David Patillo- Christian singer, songwriter and musician. -Texas “A great encouragement for new parents and parents to be. This book is an enjoyable read, full of simple truths often forgotten in today’s world.” Pastor Jeff Schreve – First Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas “This book would make the perfect gift for young married couples. I wish I had read it 30 years ago. The simple advice presented in this book has the potential to change individual lives, as well as the world.” Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Colorado “Greg Gilbert has written a book that will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart!” Willie Jolley, Award winning Speaker, Singer and best selling author of It Only Takes A Minute to Change your Life and A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback!

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