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Greg Laurie

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  • Jesus Revolution Movie Edition


    Now a major motion picture

    The Jesus Movement transformed the church–and it can transform you

    God has always been passionate about turning unlikely people into His most fervent followers. Prostitutes and pagans, tax collectors and tricksters, the pompous and the pious–the more unlikely, the more it seemed to please God to demonstrate His power, might, and mercy through them. America in the 1960s and 1970s was full of many such characters–young men and women who had rejected the conformist religion of their parents’ generation, didn’t follow conventional rules, and didn’t fit in. Their longing for something more set the stage for the greatest spiritual awakening of the twentieth century.

    Discover the remarkable true story of the Jesus Movement, an extraordinary time of mass revival, renewal, and reconciliation. Setting intriguing personal stories within the context of one of the most tumultuous times in modern history, Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn draw important parallels with our own time of spiritual apathy and overt hostility, offering a new vision for the next generation of unlikely believers–and hope for the next great American revival.

    Because God can always bring a new Jesus Revolution.

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  • Johnny Cash : The Redemption Of An American Icon


    A deep dive into the Man in Black’s demons, triumphs, and ultimate road back to faith by a celebrated pastor and best-selling author. A national bestseller in hardcover.

    Join Greg Laurie, pastor and bestselling author of Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon, as he takes you on a personal journey into the life and legend of Johnny Cash.

    At the peak of his career, Cash had done it all–living the ultimate rags-to-riches story of growing up on a cotton farm in the Deep South to becoming a Nashville and Hollywood sensation, singing alongside heroes like Elvis Presley and performing for several American presidents.

    But through all of this, Cash was troubled. By the time he released the iconic Man in Black album in 1971, the middle-aged icon was broken down, hollow-eyed, and wrung out.

    In his search for peace, Cash became embroiled in controversy. He was arrested five times in seven years. His drug- and alcohol-induced escapades led to car accidents and a forest fire that devastated 508 acres. His time was divided between Jesus and jail, gospel tunes and the “Cocaine Blues.”

    But by the end of his life, Cash was speaking openly about his “unshakeable faith.” What caused the superstar to turn from his conflicting passions to embrace a life in Christ?

    Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon dives deep into the singer’s inner demons, triumphs, and gradual return to faith. Laurie interviews Cash’s family, friends, and business associates to reveal how the singer’s true success came through finding the only Person whose star was bigger than his own.

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  • Lennon Dylan Alice And Jesus


    A nationally best-selling author and pastor draws lessons of hope and transformation in the perils of excess, the agonies of repentance, and the wonder of redemption found in the life stories of several icons of pop music and rock and roll.

    From the author of Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon and Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon comes Lennon, Dylan, Alice, and Jesus , which traces the journeys, rise, fall, and sometimes the redemption of famous entertainers who were brought to their knees–a great place to look up and finally meet their Maker.

    Lennon, Dylan, Alice, and Jesus examines wretched excess, self-absorption and miraculous redemption; the book is a raw, sensitive, and unforgettable journey of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and sweet salvation. Author Greg Laurie traces the lives of rock stars and entertainment figures and legends who wallowed in the decadence of both the high life and low life, as they alternately experienced Heaven and Hell on Earth. He travels with them into their demonic abysses and joyfully chronicles their ultimate ascension to their prodigal moments.

    Lennon, Dylan, Alice, and Jesus chronicles the birth of rock and roll in the mid-1950s to today, giving the book an all-encompassing study of pop music history. Through his personal memories, coupled with his carefully crafted observational research, Greg Laurie not only looks deeply into the hearts and souls of these unusual people but bids the reader to join him on a spiritual journey down the secluded halls of the music industry with the individuals who crafted modern-day masterpieces.

    Readers will enjoy never-before-published accounts of the biggest recording artists of our time and hear testimonies from rockers of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and beyond. More importantly, every reader will find a deeper sense of God’s presence, even in times of loneliness and desolation.

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  • Billy Graham : The Man I Knew


    He was a lanky, handsome, girl-crazed dairyman’s son from North Carolina who wanted to become a major league baseball player. Nothing more than that.

    Yet he ended up becoming history’s best-known evangelist and one of the most powerful religious figures of all time.

    Billy Graham was a country preacher who became an American institution for almost six decades-counseling presidents, world leaders, Hollywood stars, the queen of England, gangsters, soldiers, and the common man alike.

    He was a modern-day prophet who helped heal America in the most trying times-including desegregation, Watergate, Vietnam, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and Hurricane Katrina.

    This humble man of God preached to more than eighty million people in person and two billion on live broadcasts at more than four hundred Crusades and global conferences. He reached countless billions more through television, newspapers, radio, books, and film.

    Billy Graham: The Man I Knew is a detailed recounting of Graham’s extraordinary life through the eyes of fellow evangelist Greg Laurie. This book offers to readers how Graham grew up, his desires as a young man, and his reluctant transformation into an obedient and humble voice of the Lord and shepherd to needy people. Here is his vision for humanity and how he achieved so much in his ninety-nine years on this earth.

    Pastor, evangelist, and author Greg Laurie, who was a close friend to Graham for more than a quarter-century, presents a warm yet historically accurate portrait of the man, offering candid, keen, one-of-a-kind insights into “America’s Preacher” and the most important minister of the twentieth century.

    Billy Graham was known for his relentless Gospel preaching that stands apart in history. He’s celebrated as the greatest of all evangelists. Believing that “Christ belongs to all people,” Graham spoke to all religions, races, and nationalities, believing that lost people everywhere hunger for God’s Word and personal salvation.

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  • Signs Of The Times Expanded (Revised)


    *Reveals what’s next for the nation, the planet, and the body of Christ

    *Exposes what is taking place in the invisible spiritual world

    *Points to a God who is in complete control

    The signs are unmistakable.

    We’ve always had earthquakes but this many? We’ve always faced natural disasters but this terrible? We’ve always had Middle East tensions but this intense? This widespread?

    Jesus said there would be clear signs in our world before His return. Over the last few months and years, as we read headline after amazing headline, those signs seem to be escalating. Could Christ’s return and our world’s final days be very far away? Greg Laurie opens the Scriptures, offering insight, warning, and encouragement to “make the most of every opportunity” in these challenging days.

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  • Let God Change Your Life


    Evangelist Greg Laurie calls all Christians back to radical New Testament living in his latest offering, Let God Change Your Life.

    Imagine what it would have been like to be a follower of Jesus; first-century Christians walked away from their old lives just to be where He was. What they learned, sitting at His feet, was discipleship. And when His work on earth was done, first-century Christians took His words and example and spread out, teaching the gospel to everyone.

    The good news is that we, too, can participate in this lifestyle. Laurie drills it down in three simple ideas: get to know Jesus, follow His plan for discipleship, and use it to tell others what we know. Laurie’s tone is clear, direct, and biblical.

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  • Wrestling With God


    Using personal experience and biblical examples, well-known pastor Greg Laurie illustrates how prayer works in different people’s lives. In spiritual terms, Jacob wrestled with God for years. The Syro-Phoenician Woman also wrestled with Jesus, but briefly, her argument arising from a wholly different situation. Yet God brought them both to roughly the same kind of relationship with Himself. He softened Jacob’s will and rewarded his submission; He honored the woman’s determination and rewarded her resolve. Through these examples, readers will discover how heartfelt prayer and willing submission can bring them into their own unique, rewarding relationships with God.

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  • New Believers Guide To Effective Christian Living


    Renowned evangelist Greg Laurie answers questions common to new Christians in this guide. New Believer’s Guide to Effective Christian Living answers such questions as “How should I live as a Christian?” “How do I talk to God?” and “Where should I go to church?” Attractively priced for buying multiple copies to give away.

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