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Gregory Dawes

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  • Introduction To The Bible


    When we first pick it up and open it, the Bible can seem confusing and perhaps even frightening. Here is this bulky book, made up of seventy-three sections with unfamiliar titles such as Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes, Colossians, and Corinthians, with numbers in front of almost every sentence, rarely any pictures, and perhaps a few maps of ancient areas such as Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Judah. Since the Bible looks like a book, we may start to read it as we would any other book, hoping to move from cover to cover. Then we begin to wonder, “Who wrote this? When was it written? What kind of writing is this: History? Science? Biography? Fiction? What am I supposed to get out of it?” As (or if) we keep reading the Bible page by page, section by section, we soon realize that this is no ordinary run-of-the-bookshelf volume. Without a guide the Bible is likely to remain the book most often purchased but not very often read and even less often understood.

    To rescue Bible readers and students from turning their initial enthusiasm into boredom, Gregory Dawes gives us this Introduction to the Bible, the indispensable prologue to the entire series of the New Collegeville Bible Commentary. Dividing the contents into two parts, the author first describes how the Old and New Testaments came to be put together, and then explores how their stories have been interpreted over the centuries. In the words of Dawes, this “very broad overview of a very complex history offers the general reader a helpful framework within which to begin to understand the Bible.” The author writes clearly, frequently seasoning his explanations with crisp examples. This book anchors individual and group Bible study on the solid foundation of basic biblical vocabulary and concepts.

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  • Historical Jesus Question


    A natural sequel to The Historical Jesus Quest, The Historical Jesus Question offers commentary on the work and significance of the classic writers presented in the earlier volume–Spinoza, Strauss, Schweitzer, Troeltsch, Bultmann, Kasemann–and some additional comment on the work of Pannenberg. Not merely a summary discussion of these important writers, this book goes beyond to follow the implications for theology of the ongoing challenge history presents to biblical authority.

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  • Historical Jesus Quest


    1. The Gospels As Fraud
    2. History And Myth
    3. Consistent Skepticism
    4. The Kingdom Of God
    5. Consistent Eschatology
    6. Rejection Of The Quest
    7. The Dialectical Theology
    8. Re-Opening The Quest

    Additional Info
    The possibility of finding reliable information about the life of the historical Jesus has fascinated the imagination of generations of scholars from as early as the seventeenth century. Opinion on the issue has moved in waves, coming and going along with moods of pessimism and optimism. Until now, no one has brought together a comparison of the points of view of the most influential writers about the historical Jesus.

    The Historical Jesus Quest brings together substantial extracts from the seminal works in Jesus studies over the last two centuries. The extracts are accompanied by brief introductions to each writer, helpful summaries of the central arguments of the works from which the extracts are taken, and incisive assessments of their continuing relevance to current debates. In one resource, this compendium provides the foundation upon which modern research is based and allows these great scholars_Spinoza, Troeltsch, D.F. Strauss, Wrede, Schweitzer, Kahler, Bultmann, Kasemann, and others_to speak in their own words. It is essential reading for all serious students of the Gospels and of the historical Jesus.

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