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H. Beecher Hicks

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  • Preaching While Bleeding


    African-American preaching must always be relevant to one’s social condition and always available to speak truth to power. It is the only Word that can lift us from the “Underground” to “Higher Ground.” Upon this ground, the whole of Preaching While Bleeding stands.

    “This book challenges and chastises in the way that only H. Beecher Hicks can. I treasure his body of work and celebrate his contribution to the church and the Kingdom. This book is a “must read” for every called out, set apart preacher-whether you started today or decades ago.” -Bishop Vashti McKenzie, 10th District, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Texas

    “Dr. Hicks wrote Preaching While Bleeding as an experienced “bleeder”; therefore, I offer this word of caution-please be careful when reading this book because the blood of the author’s passion may spill on you.” -Dr. Maurice Watson, Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Largo, MD

    “If you want to become a real preacher of the Word, this book will be of great value, and it will cost you everything.” -David McAllister Wilson, President, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC.

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  • My Souls Been Anchored


    Rev. Beecher Hicks Jr. knows that great preaching and great storytelling go hand in hand. He believes in the power of imagination to teach us about God and about life, and he knows that nothing can spark the imagination like a story well told. In My Soul’s Been Anchored, he presents vivid portrayals of the biblical truth shining through people he has known and experiences he has had.

    Family, friends, church members, neighbors. . .well-loved faces peer from these pages. In their warm humanity they illustrate simple, profound lessons that touch us all. You’ll meet “Uncle Mugga,” a woman poor in money but rich in love for neighborhood children. Reverend Jones, whose dentures flew out over the pupil in mid-prayer. Mother Jackson, everybody’s mother at Second Baptist Church. Wilson McCray, who ran his shoes off praising God. Each person is a unique, creative snapshot — sometimes funny, sometimes poignant — of a living faith that helps us overcome obstacles, love God and each other more effectively, and make this world a better place.

    Dr. Hicks’ stories read the way his sermons preach — full of life, feeling, and beauty. My Soul’s Been Anchored captures in print the oral tradition of the great African-American preachers — the cadences, the rhythms, the passion, the urgency. And the vision. Dr. Hicks says, “This is a time to rise above our limitations and set our sights on those things that the world believes are beyond us.” He encourages us to reach for purpose, to put our faith in motion, to never give up on our potential or God’s promises. Here is storytelling at its finest from a gifted writer and preacher, with universal truths that speak to every culture.

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  • Preaching Through A Storm


    1. I’ve Been In The Storm So Long
    2. Predicting A Storm
    3. Maintaining Relationships
    4. The Eye Of The Storm
    5. The Identity Of Evil
    6. If It Had Not Been For The Lord
    7. The Preacher’s Friend
    8. Tragedy Or Triumph?
    9. The Storm Is Passing Over
    10. Preparing For The Next Storm
    11. Storms Keep Coming

    224 Pages

    Additional Info
    The context was a building program for an urban congregation. The beginning bore no omens of controversy. But before long, both the pastor (the author) and the congregation found themselves in a storm that threatened the church’s very existence and the pastor’s future in ministry. It is common in this kind of storm that neither the preacher nor his flock will expect to hear from God. But the arresting message of this book is that it is often through the preaching itself that God speaks to the issues of conflict. It is through preaching that the issues are resolved, and neither the pastor nor the people are left unchanged. By example and by precept this book shows how to weather a storm in the only successful way — by preaching through it under the guiding hand of a compassionate God who knows our human anguish. This is a book you cannot afford to ignore. For, as one preacher puts it, you’re either “coming out of a storm, in a storm, or heading for a storm.”

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