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H. Ray Dunning

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  • Abraham : The Test Of Faith


    There are no instant saints.
    That’s true for everyone.

    When he said yes to God’s call, he set out on a lifelong path of growth and transformation. Abraham explores the events and circumstances that shaped Abraham’s walk with God. It highlights the tests of faith that matured him into becoming God’s partner in redeeming humanity. From the challenge to turn his back on his past and embrace an unfamiliar future to the astonishing request that he sacrifice his only son, Abraham became a model of enduring and deepening faith. Through his example, we learn
    *How our responses in life contribute to our spiritual growth
    *What it means to partner with God in his redemptive plan
    *What it is like be called a friend of God

    Rich in devotional and theological insight, this book by H. Ray Dunning is an outstanding retelling of Abraham’s story. It invites us to enter Abraham’s world and learn from him the way to spiritual maturity. And most importantly it reminds us that through our faith in Christ we are all children of Abraham.

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  • Discovering The Bible


    Discovering the Bible has everything you’re looking for in a survey of the Bible. It examines the Bible’s amazing message and story of faith in a way that will captivate readers and impel them to learn more. Thorough, sound biblical scholarship combined with an eye-catching format and easy-to-understand writing style make this textbook a must-have for every Christian’s library.

    In Discovering the Bible, you’ll find:

    Objectives defined for each lesson
    Personal questions to help you relate the Bible to your life
    Sidebars to explain theological points
    Keywords identified and defined on each page
    Study questions for review of the material
    Summary statements at the end of each chapter
    Listing of resources for further study at the end of each chapter
    Colorful pages and images that make it attractive to read
    Short, well-organized chapters

    464 pages.

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  • Introduction To Wesleyan Theology (Revised)


    This work takes the basic tenets of John Wesley and states them in more contemporary terms. An excellent resource for those who desire to understand the Wesleyan tradition.

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  • Laymans Guide To The Apostles Creed


    Next to Scripture, the statement of faith most often used to communicate the essence of Christianity is the Apostles’ Creed. Paper.

    88 pages.

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  • 2nd Coming : A Wesleyan Approach To The Doctrine


    A conspicuous silence on eschatology-the study of last things-pervades the ranks of Wesleyan scholars, which has led to some unfortunate circumstances.
    H. Ray Dunning notes with concern, “While we have been busy with other themes, foreign ideas have virtually stolen the store in this area of theology, with the odd phenomenon that eschatological teachings that are contrary to both good biblical scholarship and Wesleyan theology have virtually assumed the status of orthodoxy among Wesleyans, as well as among other evangelical Christians.”

    This book is an attempt to break the silence. Ten noted Wesleyan scholars probe both the historical and contemporary influences that have shaped the prevailing evangelical view of end-time events.

    You will be challenged to take a more thoughtful and discerning look at what is widely held today in the study of last things, while keeping a strong focus on what Scripture clearly presents as undebatable: Christ will come again.

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