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Heather Smith

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  • Songs For A Sunday


    Two sets of sisters, generations apart–can one big sister’s sacrifice teach the other about love and forgiveness?

    1963: Twenty-year-old Annie dreams of managing the dance studio where she has trained since childhood and of marrying her high-society boyfriend. But when her younger sister with special needs gets pregnant, Annie is forced to set her dreams aside for the sake of family.

    Present Day: Missy Robbins has always lived in her younger sister’s shadow. When given the opportunity, Missy steps out of her comfort zone as stay-at-home mom of four to prove she’s as good a singer as Erica. Missy’s new pursuit puts her on a path to self-discovery and reclaiming her discarded faith. Until she discovers her grandmother has a sixty-year-old secret.

    Will Missy conceal Grandma Annie’s deception or will she be forced to reveal the hidden truth.

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  • New Wine Transportation Company


    Can a holy mission change Springville for the better?

    Springville Community Christian Church is nestled in the foothills of North Carolina in a quiet, Mayberry-esque community. But when a ruthless businessman from out of town sets his sights on quaint downtown Springville as the perfect location to open a bar, the town’s calm is disturbed and the church’s pastor is pulled into the chaos.

    Pastor Daniel Whitefield seeks only to do the will of God. Nothing more, nothing less. When he’s pressured to join the Springville League of Churches-a coalition in protest of the bar-he resists, causing tension with friends and congregants. Daniel further risks his credibility by organizing a taxi service for the bar’s customers, as a way to witness of God’s love to them.

    The seven members of New Wine Transportation Company are excited to minister in their community, despite the naysayers, but as damaging rumors about the pastor and his wife spread, Daniel begins to question the project. Is it worth the risks involved? And can they really make a difference by giving folks a ride home after a night out drinking? Maybe there’s more at stake than they know.

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  • Where I Was Planted


    In the spring of 1961, ten-year-old Nate “Weenie” Dooley has a revelation-his father is not a good one.

    Inspired by National Geographic, his favorite thing next to the Bible storybook his mother gave him before she died, Nate plans to leave his father and their home in the Smokies to set out on adventure.

    When he discovers that his father has left him first, it will take the help of a stray dog, some kind neighbors, a one-man-band, letters from a long-lost-aunt, and a new understanding of God to figure out he isn’t really alone.

    Will he find that Copper Creek is where he’s always belonged? Or will his wanderlust keep him from ever coming back?

    In her second novel, Heather Norman Smith demonstrates that love makes a family, and that while fathers may leave, our Heavenly Father is faithful, and He has a plan for all of us.

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  • Grace And Lavender


    In Grace & Lavender, recently retired Colleen Hill is always busy, constantly on a quest to make life more interesting. When the ladies’ group at her church partners with the local children’s home, Colleen jumps in as usual, volunteering to share her passion for cooking with a troubled teenager named Grace. But Colleen must balance the new project with her pursuit of becoming a contestant on a television game show, along with all the other ideas her brain continually spins out.

    Colleen’s daughter Melody is quite different. She lives a calm, simple life and is content with who she is. That is, until an unexpected opportunity to work with Grace, too, pushes her to reevaluate life and dare to take on bigger dreams. The path starts with a newly-found interest in soap-making and leads her to responsibilities she didn’t even know she wanted, including helping Grace understand the meaning of her name. Grace & Lavender is a book for all audiences-a heart-warming story that reminds us to seek God’s purpose for our lives.

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  • Dearest Samantha I Love You





    The God of the universe longs to have a deep relationship with you. He wants to walk with you, to talk with you, to listen to your heart. He wants to share in all of your joys and sorrows.

    Woven in this tender love story are true stories of the author’s experiences during her walk through the desert. Throughout her difficult journey, she encountered the Father’s love in incredible ways. In the deepest of despair, He comforted her in His arms of love and provided for her every need.

    Dearest Samantha: I Love You!!!! is a love story written to capture the hearts of its readers. Within its pages are stories of encouragement, hope, and indescribable joy. Its simple but profound message can be enjoyed again and again.

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