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Jane Vennard

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  • Fully Awake And Truly Alive


    Fulfill the reality that the glory of God is the human fully alive. Reverend Vennard is fearlessly awake to the wild dance of life. Rather than sleeping through life, she awakens to it. Rather than escaping from reality, she embraces it. Rather than distracting herself with a life to come, she dares to live the life that is. And she wants you to do all this as well. Read this book. Live this book. Wake up.
    from the Foreword

    In a culture enthralled with technology, striving and speed, people of many faith traditions and no faith tradition long to slow down, pay attention and wake up to the present moment. They want help in realizing their hope that they can become more truly alive.

    This engaging and highly readable book offers you guidance for the journey. Sharing stories from her personal life as a spiritual seeker and from her professional career as a retreat leader, spiritual director and teacher, Reverend Jane Vennard illustrates the joys and frustrations of spiritual practice, offers insights from various religious traditions, and provides step-by-step exercises and meditations to practice: Caring for the body, Rest, Silence Solitude, Letting go, Community, Hospitality, Service, Living gratefully.

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  • Way Of Prayer Participants Book (Student/Study Guide)


    The Way of Prayer expands on our knowledge of prayer through a ten-week exploration of different forms of prayer practices. Through this exploration, small-group members embark on a journey of genuine discovery-the discovery of different dimensions of God’s grace and love. Prayer is explored through music, dance, gazing, silence, or acts of service. The Way of Prayer teaches us how to respond to God’s invitation into the divine Presence, and it brings a deeper sense of spiritual vitality and encouragement to seek out new ways to pray. Following a prepatory meeting, the weekly explorations include:
    How do you Pray?
    Images of God?
    Praying by Heart
    Praying with Music
    Praying by Gazing
    Praying with Our Bodies
    Scriptural Prayer
    Contemplative Prayer
    Praying with and for Others
    Prayer and Social Transformation

    A 10 week resource designed to help people expand their understanding of the nature and practice of prayer. Offers many forms to explore and practice, both individually and as a group. Learn how to integrate body, mind and spirit in prayer, and to live a more creative rhythm between the inner life and the outward journey of service.

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  • Praying Congregation : The Art Of Teaching Spiritual Practice


    “I believe that God is calling all of us into deeper prayer and is longing for our congregations to become places of prayer,” writes Jane E. Vennard. Pastors and others who want to develop their skills as teachers of prayer and spiritual practices will find in this book not only wisdom for themselves but easily accessible lesson plans, so that they can share Vennard’s insights with others while infusing the activities with their own spirit and creative ideas.

    Readers are invited to gently explore questions such as, Who taught you to pray and how? What do you believe about prayer? What is your image of the God to whom you pray? And, What is prayer anyway? Through this book, readers’ hearts are made ready to explore the wonder of strengthening their relationship with God through prayer.

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  • Be Still : Designing And Leading Contemplative Retreats


    Many people long for a deeper relationship with God, yearning for silence in a noisy world and a respite from busyness. Written for lay and ordained leaders who wish to bring the gift of space and silence to members who feel called to the contemplative journey, the book introduces the purpose of retreats, provides a theological and biblical understanding of the model, and offers guidance for designing and leading these gatherings. Sample retreats, a design for home retreats, and suggested resources are included.

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  • Praying With Body And Soul


    Imaginative and concrete, Jane Vennard leads us into praying through our bodies, through our emotions and relationships, through our work in the world. She invites the reader to livelier, more spontaneous, and varied forms of prayer. Drawing on her teaching experience, she skillfully opens the reader’s eyes to a whole new range of possibilities.

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  • Praying For Friends And Enemies (Student/Study Guide)


    In this book, Vennard guides individuals or small groups by providing questions for reflection and discussion, and suggestions for intercession-related activities. Her wise counsel will help both new and experienced pray-ers explore the ministry of intercessory prayer.

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