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Jared Alcantara

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  • Practicas De La Predicacion Cr – (Spanish)


    Leading homiletician Jared Alacntara offers a Spanish edition of his practice-centered, intentionally collaborative, technologically innovative, next-generation introductory preaching textbook.

    The English edition broke new ground by adopting a practice-based approach to teaching preaching and by using innovative technological delivery to enhance the educational experience of learners. Now Alcantara brings his unique approach to Spanish-speaking pastors in training, Spanish-language Bible institutes, and bilingual classrooms.

    Alcantara introduces the basics of Christian preaching and emphasizes the skills preachers can cultivate throughout their lives. The book features the perspectives of a diverse team of collaborators, helping preachers stay attuned to the multicultural world we inhabit. Call-outs direct readers to a companion website for further information or practice. The online resources include audio and video sermons, video responses from the author, and contributions from collaborators. These ancillary materials are available in either English or Spanish, with reciprocal subtitles, to facilitate a variety of educational uses.

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  • Crossover Preaching : Intercultural Improvisational Homiletics In Conversat


    Introduction: “Time Is Filled With Swift Transition”
    1. Gardner C. Taylor: Case Study In Crossover Preaching
    2. Turning Ink To Blood: Performative Improvisation
    3. Rooted, But Not Restricted: Metaphorical Improvisation
    4. Transgressing The Divides: Intercultural Competence
    5. Putting Flesh To Bones: Homiletical Strategies
    Conclusion: Crossing La Frontera (the Border)
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    As society becomes more culturally diverse and globally connected, churches and seminaries are rapidly changing. And as the church changes, preaching must change too.

    Crossover Preaching proposes a way forward through conversation with the “dean of the nation’s black preachers,” Gardner C. Taylor, senior pastor emeritus of Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. In this richly interdisciplinary study, Jared E. Alcantara argues that an analysis of Taylor’s preaching reveals an improvisational-intercultural approach that recovers his contemporary significance and equips U. S. churches and seminary classrooms for the future.

    Alcantara argues that preachers and homileticians need to develop intercultural and improvisational proficiencies to reach an increasingly intercultural church. Crossover Preaching equips them with concrete practices designed to help them cultivate these competencies and thus communicate effectively in a changing world.

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