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Robert Henderson

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  • Impacting The Seven Mountains From The Courts Of Heaven


    Robert Henderson started to explore the question, “what would the seven mountains of culture look like in a reformed state?” There is much talk in the apostolic and prophetic community about reformation and transformation, but sometimes, we don’t have a clear vision of what it would actually look like for these spheres of influence to be modeled, shaped, and impacted by believers who carry the Kingdom of God into their everyday places of assignment.

    As the bestselling teacher and leading authority on the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson explores each of the seven mountains of influence-religion, arts and entertainment, media, business, government, family, and education-and gives a powerful vision of what each one could look like if it were transformed and served by the Kingdom of God.

    However, in order to see principalities broken and ruling spiritual forces dismantled, we must do more than pray standard warfare prayers; we must enter the Courts of Heaven to contend for Kingdom influence and impact!

    In Impacting the Seven Mountains from the Courts of Heaven, you will…

    *Receive a prophetic blueprint of each of the seven mountains in a reformed state

    *Enter the Courts of Heaven to pray for the sphere of influence you have been called to reach and impact

    *Identify the spiritual powers that are demonically influencing the different spheres of influence

    Bring your case before the Courts of Heaven, and watch as God brings supernatural reformation to the seven mountains!

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  • Releasing Resurrection And Revival From The Courts Of Heaven


    Do you need to experience Resurrection or Revival in any area of your life?

    Many Jesus followers are sleepwalking through their Christian lives. They wear a smile, attend church gatherings, and try their best to make it through, but they don’t really expect answered prayers, breakthroughs, or a miraculous change in their situations. Why? Disappointment and disillusionment. The Bible calls this hope deferred. What we hoped for did not happen, and we are left with hopes and dreams that are dead.

    But remember: we serve the God of resurrection life and revival!

    Robert Henderson is the bestselling author of the Courts of Heaven series, and in this latest book he challenges you to pray for miracle reversals in every situation that seems hopeless. Resurrection thunders as a verdict from the Courts of Heaven, for it is God alone who gives life to the dead.

    This powerful new book will show you how to:

    *Discover the Seven Secrets to seeing dead things revived in your life.

    *Identify the spirit of sabotage in your life – and cancel its influence.

    *Make Lazarus Decrees over those situations that Jesus wants to resurrect and revive.

    *Dismantle the spirit of death and stop it from impacting every area of your life.

    *Receive stirring biblical examples of resurrection power released into impossible situations.

    *Break off the pain of disappointment and position yourself for answered prayer.

    Resurrection is not a one-time event; it should be the default setting of the Christian life. We are filled with Jesus’ resurrection life and power! We have been commissioned by the resurrected Jesus to see His supernatural miracle power reverse any plan of the enemy that has sought to steal, kill, and destroy.

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  • Father Friend And Judge


    Discover Prayer as a Supernatural Portal to Spiritual Dimensions!

    Many believers’ prayers go unanswered because they never fully enter the spiritual realms that their prayers unlock!

    Apostolic leader and author, Robert Henderson, is world-renowned for his bestselling series on The Courts of Heaven. In this new work on prayer, Robert provides Biblical strategies for every believer to unleash the full power of their prayers, and see them answered!

    God gave us prayer as more than a religious ritual. In fact, prayer is a supernatural portal through which we encounter God in multiple spiritual dimensions!

    In the Gospels, Jesus presented three different dimensions of prayer. Each one is connected to a specific identity of God:
    *Father: We encounter God the Father in the Secret Place and Throne of Grace.
    *Friend: We take our place as Friends of God when we operate as intercessors.
    *Judge: We come before the Judge when we are dealing with an adversary who resists our breakthrough.

    When Christians learn how to operate in each of these spiritual dimensions, they can align their prayers with God’s will, and release His power for miraculous results!

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