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Robert Noland

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  • Relationships Over Rules


    Your path to purpose begins with people.

    Relationships. We know that we need them, but busy schedules, financial pursuits, and self-serving agendas often distract us from the people God has placed in our lives.

    Overcoming a childhood that lacked true relationships, CEO David Hoffman successfully broke the rules of a transaction-based world by founding a real estate company focused on meeting people where they are. In Relationships over Rules, David shares his journey and seven principles you can adopt to build authentic relationships that will help you:

    *welcome opportunities for growth and service,
    *reach your potential regardless of your past,
    *live with perspective and gratitude, and
    *fulfill the great plans God has for you.

    Guided by true stories and application exercises, watch your life transform as you pour yourself into those around you. You can achieve lasting success when you put relationships first.

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  • Inhale Exhale : A 40-Day Journey Breathing In Grace And Living Out Hope


    A 40-day devotional experience inspired by MercyMe’s best-selling album, inhale (exhale) follows the sixteen-track record to create a path for readers to breathe in and absorb God’s grace in their lives.

    Inspired by MercyMe’s album of the same name, inhale (exhale): A 40-Day Journey Breathing in Grace and Living Out Hope follows the sixteen-track record to create a path for readers to breathe in and absorb what God can do, and then release His spirit of grace by offering hope in the world.

    The heart of this devotional is found in two days of entries, an “inhale” day and an “exhale” day, designed to coincide with each song as readers work their way through the album and devotional. Each entry ties to a particular song and couples those thoughts and lyrics with scripture passages, application questions, meditative verses, prayers, and space to journal.

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  • Way Of The Father


    Grammy Award winner Michael W. Smith’s The Way of the Father offers a deeply personal reflection on his father Paul Smith’s legacy and its profound effect on every area of his life. Through the life and lens of his earthly dad, the multi-platinum selling Christian artist gives glimpses of a Father in Heaven that anyone can approach and experience.

    Michael W. Smith, multi-platinum artist, celebrated songwriter, producer, best-selling author, and acclaimed actor, himself a father of five adult children and grandfather of sixteen, calls upon his humble experiences of growing up in a small West Virginia town to share his father’s story. Each chapter identifies a quality and characteristic of his dad that came out of an obedient and sacrificial life, committed to serving his Abba Father, including: ??
    *Finding truth in tragedy
    *Loving unconditionally
    *Persevering through pain
    *Bringing righteousness to the world
    *Influencing and inspiring generations
    *Discovering identity and approval in Christ

    Paul Smith was a familiar face in the crowd at Michael W. Smith’s concerts over the years. A kind and joyful man who would sing, dance, and worship to the singer’s countless number one hits, with his countenance beaming brighter than the spotlights on the stage, Paul would often introduce himself to those nearby and talk about how proud he was of his son. From the artist’s early days as a struggling musician in Nashville to his death in 2015 (the year his son’s album sales surpassed 15 million), Paul was always Michael’s biggest fan.

    Michael shares how his dad inspired and encouraged him using biblical principles and virtues. Now, Michael passes on these same truths through stories, testimonies, origins of songs, and personal insights from his family life and thirty-five plus years of touring as a Christian artist. He hopes that by sharing his father’s legacy, readers will come to find that no matter who our earthly parents have been in our lives, our Abba Father will never fail us.

    The Way of the Father will likewise challenge readers in their faith journeys so they will one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have fought the good fight, run the race, and have been found faithful”–just like Paul Smith heard on the day he was called home to be with his Father.

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  • I Still Believe Leaders Guide


    Many small group leaders feel ill-equipped to create natural conversation that leads to a meaningful experience for their group members. This I Still Believe Leader’s Guide works in conjunction with the video series to equip group leaders with helpful tips on leading a group, thoughtful discussion questions for each week, and suggested scripture to read. Create a directed, safe, and open environment to lead your group to trusting and leaning on God and his promises during life’s most difficult times.

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