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Thomas Freiling

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  • Battle Prayers : Faith To Move Your Mountains


    Sometimes the obstacles you face will make you feel like you are in spiritual warfare. To feel safe again, you seek protection. Battle Prayers: 100 Prayers of Hope and Encouragement, by Michael J. Klassen and Thomas Freiling, gives readers a model for lifting their prayers to God. Like classic books of prayer that have helped believers in their prayer lives over the years, this book emphasizes not only prayers for self, but for others too.

    Each prayer is woven together with scripture verse, helping readers remember that the answers to all of our problems can be found in God’s Word and by listening to Him. Battle
    Prayers: 100 Prayers of Hope and Encouragement:

    *Shows readers how to use the power of prayer to find lasting encouragement and to pull away from the stresses of daily life that pull them down

    *Provides inspiration and theological accuracy as pathways to a richer, deeper relationship with God through prayer

    *Offers prayers ideal for helping move the mountains that can sometimes stand in between us and God

    Whether you’re buying this as a gift or as a self-purchase, this volume of 100 prayers features:

    *Specific Scriptures and cross-references to other prayers in the book for additional encouragement and deepening one’s prayer life

    *First-person prayers addressed directly to God and ideal for reading aloud during morning or evening prayer or devotional time

    *An insightful “No Amens Included” Benediction at the end of the book contending that prayer doesn’t stop with the “Amen,” but rather, is merely the beginning of deeper, daily, more meaningful communication with our Creator

    *A helpful and encouraging Appendix: “The 10 Essential Qualities of an Effective Battle Prayer”

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