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Trivia and Q&A

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  • 1000 Trivia Facts About The Bible


    1,000 Trivia Facts About the Bible?is a fun, informative, and entertaining way to see how well you know the Good Book. This trivia book is perfect for people of all ages and is a great resource for families or church groups.

    Designed to be a creative way to entertain and educate both kids and adults, this Bible trivia book will make learning a treat. Packed with facts and trivia from both the Old and New Testaments, it’s a perfect tool to build your own Bible trivia quizzes or keep the kids engaged during road trips.

    Inside this Bible trivia book you’ll discover questions such as:
    *According to Jewish tradition, how old was Jacob when he first laid eyes on Rachel?
    *What are the four names used for God in the book of Genesis?
    *Do you know which miracles were placed in the Ark of the Covenant?
    *How many chapters and verses are in Exodus?

    Organized by books of the Bible, this affordable trivia book is great for anyone interested in the Bible, small groups and youth groups, and homeschoolers. 1,000 Trivia Facts About the Bible is a great resource to have in your library, an Easter basket gift, or as a perfect stocking stuffer.

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  • Kids Bible Trivia


    The Bible is anything but trivial. . .yet trivia quizzes are a great way to get kids interested in scripture’s deeper truths.

    Here’s a fun and fascinating book offering twenty, six-question quizzes for 6-10-year-olds. Each quiz starts easy, with questions from the most familiar stories, then gets progressively harder.

    Inside, you’ll find questions on stories like:

    *Noah’s flood
    *the little tax collector Zacchaeus
    *Jesus and Lazarus
    *the wise men
    *Moses and the Red Sea
    *and dozens of others

    How well do you know the Bible? Find out here!

    If you get stuck, “Bible Bonuses” provide help. You can

    *”Double Your Chances” by learning two of the wrong answers, or
    *”Look in the Book” with a reference to the answer in God’s Word

    And each question is accompanied by an intriguing “Did You Know?” that adds to the fun.

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  • Ultimate Bible Quiz Book


    Who led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron?
    Who was Jeremiah’s secretary?
    What was Peter’s father’s name?

    These questions and countless more fill this entertaining book of Bible quizzes. Everyone loves a good-natured contest, and Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, and Bible study facilitators will find plenty of material here to keep their groups scurrying through the pages of Scripture. Questions come from all 66 books of the Bible. Most quizzes are just one page long, with answers on the following page. The quizzes are grouped into categories: important people in the Bible, books of the Bible, and many others.

    Seasoned Bible readers will enjoy testing their own knowledge, and newer students of the Scriptures will appreciate the way these questions create a structure for their reading and study.

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