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New Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge (Expanded)


An exhaustive cross-referencing tool for interpreting Scripture with Scripture.

The Bible is its own best commentary. To truly understand what the Bible teaches about a subject, we must consult all of what the Bible itself says about it. The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge allows you to do just that, providing a selection of other verses which shed light upon, clarify, or explain the verse you are consulting.

Unlike a concordance, which is an alphabetical index to the words of the Bible, the cross-references given in the New Treasury are not merely to the same word, but to the same or a related thought, theme, doctrine, subject, concept, or literary motif, even when expressed in entirely different words.

Special Features:

*Indicates degree of clarity, significance, or relationship between references

*Can be used with any translation or edition of the Bible

*Is arranged like the Bible (divided into the same books, chapters, and verses) for ease of use

*Provides a far more complete selection of cross-references than can be found in any other source

*Contains dozens of special study aids to help you develop powerful lessons or sermons–straight from the Bible itself

*Contains multiple indexes (subjects, figures of speech, etc.)

*Uses Strong’s numbering system

*Uses a new font that makes it easier to read than previous versions

No combination of other Bible study tools quite duplicates the carefully-research and indexed content in The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. When used effectively, this invaluable resource will change your life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310143512
ISBN10: 0310143519
Editor: Jerome Smith
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: March 2023
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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