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Raising A Lady In Waiting


Raising Daughters Who Refuse to Settle

In a culture that emphasizes finding the right pair of jeans over waiting for the right man, there is no time to sit back and hope everything just pans out. Mom, you are your daughter’s greatest influence, mentor, and relationship coach. It is time to take action!

The most important decision of your daughter’s life is who will be her Master; the second is who will be her “mister.” You play a vital role in preparing her to make this choice.

Bestselling author, Jackie Kendall, opens her heart and candidly shares four decades’ worth of experience with mothers who are raising daughters to navigate the challenges of relationships.

These principles help you effectively guide your daughter to:
Maintain high relationship standards
Guard her mind from false relationship images
Teach her the value of waiting for God’s best
Kids are passing school while flunking in relationships.

Raising a Lady in Waiting provides you with the keys necessary to safeguard your daughter from pursuing “Bozos” and prepares her for the “Boaz” God has waiting.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768403237
ISBN10: 0768403235
Jackie Kendall
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2013
Publisher: Destiny Image


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