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Waiting In Hope


Waiting in Hope gives women an uplifting, accessible resource to comfort, guide, and strengthen them through the journey of infertility. Featuring 31 reflections that address specific aspects of waiting and hoping, each chapter weaves personal narrative, Scripture, and prayers to encourage women longing for a child.?

Weary moms have their pick of hundreds of Christian devotionals and books offering encouragement for the trials of motherhood. Women who suffer miscarriage can also choose from a handful of resources, thanks to an industry trend making space for books on grief. But what about the one in eight women who face the heartache of infertility? Where can they turn for comfort and guidance while grieving their dreams and grappling with unfulfilled longing?

Waiting in Hope fills the gap for a biblically grounded, gospel-driven resource that specifically addresses the unique struggles of infertility. Offering 31 reflections filled with biblical wisdom, testimonies, and personal narrative, Waiting in Hope helps women work through their complex emotions, grow in their faith, restore strained relationships, and move forward in their journeys with perseverance and confidence in the Lord.?

Much needed Christian resource for the nearly 10 percent of women who face infertility, childlessness, and extended waiting for a child

Compassionate, biblically rich devotional that doesn’t give false hope or platitudes
Provides an infertility-specific, journal-like companion to use continuously throughout your journey

As seasoned infertility ministry leaders, Jenn Hesse and Kelley Ramsey have committed to help women turn to Jesus as their hope in sorrow. This book is the resource they wish they’d had ten years ago in the middle of their infertility grief. Women need to hear the good news that Jesus is with them in their wait, and that they can live a life of purpose regardless of how their wait ends.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780785290384
ISBN10: 0785290389
Kelley Ramsey | Jennifer Hesse
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2023
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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