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Whos In Charge Of A World That Suffers


“In this book my father helps the reader traverse this journey called life by pointing to the One who guides us by His mighty Spirit, helping us walk with Him in certain victory.” –Franklin Graham

Why is suffering the common lot of all people everywhere–believers and non-believers alike–and why does it seem that the world is out of control when it comes to the problem of pain and suffering?

These are not easy questions, and in reality, you will never know the answers completely until you see our Lord face to face in heaven. Nevertheless, the Bible does give you some answers.

Who’s in Charge of a World that Suffers? includes an informative and inspirational new introduction by Franklin Graham that speaks to today’s reader in the midst of painful circumstances.

In this book, originally titled Till Armageddon, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham uncovers the clues the scriptures offer you to this universal question–the question of suffering. Readers will discover what the Bible says about:

*Why Christians are not exempt from suffering
*Living above your circumstances
*The place of prayer in suffering
*God’s promises for those who suffer
*And much more

Christians are called to learn what it means to trust God in every circumstance, and to live for Him no matter what comes our way. It is essential to think more clearly about suffering, and to rearrange your priorities so that when your personal armageddons come, you will not be taken by surprise or be unprepared. Christian readers, pastors, Bible study leaders, and anyone questioning where God fits into suffering will find encouragement in this message of hope for a broken world.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780785248965
ISBN10: 078524896X
Billy Graham
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2021
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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